Kyle Shanahan Has the Green Light In Cleveland


Some people here in D.C. think I didn’t like Kyle Shanahan, or perhaps felt he was not a good play caller or OC.

Not true.

I did say that he was lucky to have a daddy who could get him a sweet job in the NFL pretty much right out of a non-descript college playing career. But that’s nothing new. Every coach regularly adds their sons to coaching staffs. The ones that are talented, end up sticking around.

My biggest problem with Kyle, was his love of Rex Grossman, the human turnover. He also once bragged that he “stood on the table” during the draft with the Texans imploring them to take John Beck out of BYU. (He sucked).

Turns out Kyle did a great job making RG3 into rookie of the year, with the zone-read scheme the team masterfully hid during pre-season like a WWII tank under camouflage – and then using it to deliver a demolition of the Saints in Griffin’s smash debut.

Now Kyle is doing some nice things in Cleveland with a much less mobile Brian Hoyer, and even without ace deep threat  Josh Gordon.

For those of my colleague who still practically worship at the Altar of Kyle (ahem… cough… cough.. Al Galdi and Kevin Sheehan) then THIS CLIP is just for you.

The visuals of Kyle respectfully biting his tongue when Pettine calls for a run, then the trust the head coach shows in the kid is perfect.

Add on a goofy idiot grin by Johnny 8-Ball Football after the play goes for six, and you’ve got a perfect little Inside the NFL moment.

If you aren’t watching Inside the NFL on Showtime, I do recommend it for the game re-caps created entirely from NFL films footage, not the boring TV video. Mic’d up players, coaches, and locker-room rah-rah’s after victories, make for virtual works of NFL art.

The rest of the show is pure junk, and you can throw it right in the trash. It’s why god made DVR’s. Then on the 7th day, he rested.


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