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    Only thing I’d add is that in cases like this (society and sports)…..is that the virtue signaling experts calling for immediate advancement in the name of social justice or whatever they call it……end up hurting the individual in question…..but hey who cares about him right?

    LJ did finish well but he could just as easily been embarrassed more and have his confidence shattered.

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    I wouldn’t call Deshaun Watson a bonafide superstar yet. He had a pretty good season and his arrow is pointing up, but let’s not get crazy and declare him a superstar just yet

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    Chris Woreck

    Screw Social Justice and fuck feelings. It’s about winning a football game and Jackson couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a damn boat Sunday. These are professionals who are paid to win. Would a white corner get the same treatment if he sucked ass on Sunday.


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