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Here’s your weekly collection of my appearances on Bob and Brian in Milwaukee. As usual, we covered a lot of ground this past week, and solved exactly zero problems in the world – not even in sports! Doesn’t mean we didn’t try! Listen, download, and enjoy!

Monday: November 7th – 2016
– Bob Sets New Personal Rules for Attending Packer Games
– The Calls to Fire Mike McCarthy Continue, Unabated
– The Nuance of When Guys Are “Open” in the NFL, or Not

Tuesday: November 8th – 2016
– Richard Sherman’s Dirty-Ass No-Good FG Block
– Would Instant Replay Really “Work” For Pass Interference
– Cam Newton Gets Swallowed Whole By Another Apex Predator Athlete

Wednesday: November 9th – 2016
– Election Aftermath: The Sports Analogies to Donald Trump’s Upset
– Drew Olsen Discusses A Possible Packer House Cleaning
– Bob Wants to Go After Jim Harbaugh: Good luck!

Thursday: November 10th – 2016
– MLB Has Decided to Collect and Destroy Indians WS Winning T-Shirts
– Colin Kaepernick Decided Not to Vote, After All
– The Legal Concept of “Unclean Hands”

Friday: November 11th – 2016
– Czabe Meets Boxer Buster Douglass
– Jim Brown: A Football Life Debut’s – FINALLY!
– Jimmy Masterlock Makes His Week 10 Picks


  1. Czab. – – I agree! I look forward to your B&B segment every morning. The chemistry is unmistakable & the intelligent dialogue very, very rare in today’s ‘sports talk radio’. I hope and pray you land soon!


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