Learning Swahili at North Carolina Won’t Exactly Land You A Great Job at Google


Yes, Swahili.

Find the entire episode on HBO, and get ready to laugh your ass off. Or cry. Personally, I have no sympathy for players who are being portrayed as having been “failed” by the NCAA’s greed and hypocrisy.

Fact: these kids didn’t belong in college to begin with. Period. But they were ushered in under the guise of giving kids from “tough upbringings” a chance to drink from the deep well of “higher education.”

This “problem” could be solved by simply putting back in Prop 48, and having uniform, tougher academic standards for entry to all Division I programs.

Not that they would ever do that.

The football and basketball would suck.

Throw money at these kids who can barely read Dr. Seuss?

Hell no. Are you crazy? Do you think someone brushing up on their Swahili, unable to read “Cat in the Hat” is going to make wise use of whatever cash you throw at him?

It might make Jay Bilas sleep better at night, while he makes 7-figures from ESPN covering college basketball.

But the problem is deeper and more fundamental.

College ain’t for everyone.

And like Judge Smails once said: “The world needs ditch diggers too!”


  1. totally agree, not everyone is cut out for college. There should be professional minor league football and basketball leagues, just like baseball, hockey, and even soccer, but that would cost the NFL and NBA money. But why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

    Minor league football would be a great way to groom talent, and then we can talk about football every day beyond the OMAs.

  2. Did anyone of these student athletes ever say no thank you to the preselected course selection and take a major that would prepare them for life after college? I wonder how the athletic dept would appreciate it when the star D-Back has to miss practice on a Tuesday due to Organic Chemistry lab?


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