Let The Easy Sunburns Begin!


Greetings from Mexico! Where it is NOT 6 degrees and snowing (Milwaukee) and NOT 21 degrees and snowing (Washington D.C. area) and the lakes are all definitely NOT frozen solid from shore to shore (like Lake Michigan).

This is my first trip to Cancun and I am wondering why in the hell it took me so damn long. Not like the place was some great hidden secret, right?

Air service from the states is easy (I was a quick two-hop DC to Atlanta) and the folks here couldn’t be more Gringo-friendly if they tried. They say Cancun delivers the same tropical weather and surf as the Carribean, but with more first world service and infrastructure.

I would concur on that.

The hopefully FIRST ANNUAL FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME “Bob and Brian Spring Bend” trip is staying at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Cancun. Great venue. Absurdly nice pool, lounge, bar, beach, everything… and as an all-inclusive resort it sure is great to leave your room with nothing more than your plastic key card and your thirst!

It’s just drink after drink, and not a penny out of your pocket. Helluva a concept! The fact you can raid the living crap our your mini-fridge in the room and not worry about a $6.50 snickers bar showing up on your bill is just beyond delightful.

Makes you feel like your stealing! And there’s a live brick oven pizza stand right next to the pool. They will whip up any pizza you like – free! And you can have as many as you want! I’m coming back looking like “Fat Bastard” from Austin Powers.

Of course, the trip ain’t cheap. But I’d say it’s pretty good “value.” At about 2K “all-in” for a full week, you also get $1800 in “resort credit” (for golf, jet skis, spas, etc…) and airfare. If you’ve socked away enough pennies, there’s no better place to be.

I plan to play a little golf. But only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday, and Friday.

That’s it.

I don’t want to be a pig about it. Especially since my lovely wife is home getting ready to snowblow that 8-10 inches of march madness, and I’ve got nothing to do but harass Bob and Brian for 30 minutes in the morning and then punch out.

Way back in 2001 ol’ Bob and Brian organized a listener trip to the Bahamas. It was fun. But I think Cancun has them beat. Cheaper. Better service. More to do. Golf course reviews and updates to make you jealous to follow all week.





  1. Speaking of little bitches as you do ’bout Jeff Gordon… You go to Cancun and leave your long time listener’s with a guy who thinks Alan Iverson was one of the greatest players ever? Really? Now, THAT is being a little bitch. HA!

  2. Is the Hard Rock finished? We were down there at Thanksgiving for the Cancun Challenge and it SUCKED out loud because it was about 75% refurbished.

    Just finished a week in Playa del Carmen and are not thrilled with the below zero temps this AM.


  3. Just go in a group if you leave the resort, Mexico’s finest love shaking down the touristas

    Also the cab drivers will try and sell you prostitutes.

  4. I grew up listening to Bob and Brian back in the fall of 1987, right when they started on the air. I moved to Denver in late 1999 and had to settle for a show called Lewis and Floorwax, who completely suck and still do by the way. Thank god I discovered 102.9 on the Internet and Czab’s podcast. Bob and Brian and the Czab make a great team. I loved the stories from Mexico especially how Czab and Bob were bent over by the criminals who run Señor Frogs. Who knows, I might join you guys in Cancun and Czab Vegas next year. I love your podcast Czab. Keep making me laugh. – Greg


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