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    I really think the Pro Bowl should turned into a skills competition much like the NHL has or like the NBA with the 3-point and dunk contest. Bring some of the stuff they did back in the 90s and early 2000s like the longest throw by a QB or the QB accuracy drills with moving and stationary targets. I do believe you are right though in that the only thing that will induce changes is money . . . And lots of it. I hate the ‘4 & 15’ idea. All a defense would have to do is line up the minimum number of DLs on the line and put everyone else back 7 to 10 yards and outside of maybe a few deep bombs you have most plays covered. I never figured out why when doing an onside kick why the kicker never aimed at an opposing player and kicked the ball as hard as he could at that player to get a ricochet off his legs or arms instead of trying for all these weird hops and bounces.


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