Let’s Be Honest, Who Didn’t Want to See Ronda Rousey Get Her Ass Whooped?


But then again, these MMA people need to do a better job at promoting these fights. While on the one hand, I was very aware this fight was happening last night in Australia – thank you, incessant cross-platform promotion – I wasn’t given any good reason to buy it.

And while that’s the great thing about real shocking upsets – nobody sees them coming – at least the MMA folks could have said… “Hey, you know… there’s a chance that Rousey will have real trouble with Holm’s deep experience as a boxer and kickboxer.”


holm_flag So yeah, like a ton of people, I missed it. Too bad. Woulda been sweet to enjoy live. I actually kinda like Rousey, so there was no Snoopy-like glee at her losing. Still, when it was apparent that she had zero respect for her opponent, and clearly spent too little time addressing the ways she would end up getting her ass kicked, then yeah, justice was served!

And one guy, so-called “Vegas Dave” – a guy who just won $2.5 million on the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series on a 30-1 futures bet in the spring – also cleaned up by betting Holm! Man, talk about a hot streak!
I suppose we should have noticed the XBox and PS4 endorsement game-cover for Rousey, and realized that there’s few more powerful negative juju curses in sports than the so-called “Madden Jinx.” I’d say this is that jinx’s 1st cousin.

I’m guessing the rematch is going to do very well. And yeah, I’ll be in for that.


In the meantime, I have an assortment of Rousey-related media for your enjoyment. In addition to the face-smashing stills from the fight, there’s a good Office-related Vine, and some Rousey eye-candy when she’s not punching peoples faces in.

Lastly is her famous “Do Nothing Bitch” rant from her hotel room prior to a bout. Beyonce used it at her concert over the summer to kick off her tour. And yeah, it’s a message I’d proudly want my own daughters to hear. Even if the part about f***ing millionaires would make the Mrs. blush!


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