“You Like That? You LIKE that!!!”


In all the years Andy Pollin has been watching Redskins games – including the ancient years in which home games were blacked out locally on TV, and he had to travel to the Pennsylvania border! – he has never seen a 24 point comeback. An neither had anybody else.

We discuss what Kirk’s amazing final drive, his “You Like That!” post-game exuberance, and what the future holds for Kirk as a Redskin. (Spoiler alert: I think there is NO WAY the team lets him walk out of the building this winter. No way.)

We also discuss the new “tradition” of “homecoming” in the NFL, where the Redskins invite any old player who wore the brick-red-and-white – even those who wore it for five hot minutes – and give them a vintage jersey and a chicken dinner.

I think the team needs to be a bit selective on the invite list. Andy says: “Come one, come all.”

Well then, what would Andy say when his two most hated Redskins – Dana Stubblefield and Albert Haynesworth – show up?

Sit back with your Arby’s Jamocha Shake, and enjoy the 30 minutes of banter, and fleeting expletives.


  1. Way off topic, but I couldn’t help but agree with you.
    Adam Silver is by far the best commissioner in sports today. Just watched him on NBA tip off, and agreed with everything he said. Even the daily fantasy, which I do believe is obviously gambling. (Keep it 100% legal. I don’t play, but there is clearly a huge market; lets’s just be honest here. The only upside to outlawing it is no more 20 commercial views a day and 35% of Sportscenter devoted to Matt Berry’s cartoonish wooden grin.)
    Shaq closing the segment with “Shalom my brother” was also great. Clearly no one on that panel is a professional interviewer, yet it is undeniably the best NBA show going. Kudos to TNT.
    Mad props to Craig Sager, who I generally dislike, for accepting his true hair nature.


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