Look At the Big Ones On Ol’ Kirk!


What a great feel-good moment, a thank-god-that-didn’t-turn-out-badly ending to the Philly game on Sunday. For a chance WE stuck the dagger in the back of our opponent and walked off victorious.

And when I say “we” .. I do it JUST to piss off my former co-host Andy Pollin who absolutely HATES it when fans like me go all “we, we, we… all the way home.”

Andy was actually in attendance (he makes one pilgrimage a year, like me going to church) and has a detailed stadium report. We discuss the Eagles not using the name “Redskins”, and how we actually got to a stadium with knocked out sections of seats that can’t be sold, and more seats that are covered in tarps.

Oh all that, and I drop a few f-bombs (sorry) and make sure to blast Steve Spurrier for his after-the-fact whining about “not being able to pick the roster” when he was head BALLcoach here.

Hey, Coach 2-Iron: you weren’t any good at PICKING the players either. You had Chris Doering (another ex-Gator, shock!) on the team! But hey, the money was good, and you went right back to college.

All that can be yours kids, for just :30 minutes of semi-divided audio-attention. Enjoy!


  1. Redskins will still finish in last place, as always. The Eagles will gel mid-season, probably too late for the playoffs, but good enough to pass the Redskins in the standings.


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