Luck Be, A Baby… Tonight


I am only sorta-mad that my Redskins – who had shown such enticing promise in their blowout of New Orleans – laid an egg against unbeaten Carolina. I mean, I wished they had shown up at least, and given Cam and Co. a game. Woulda been nice. Woulda made me continue to think this team was building toward something better than our usual December nap.

But what gets me expletive spittin’ mad, as you will hear below in our weekly SRBFTD Podcast (now with 20% more Andy Pollie!) is our own players coming up with crackpot theories about ref conspiracies! I mean, get a grip, fellas! And for god’s sake, enough acting like babies over two marginal calls! Our fans and my fellow media members are almost as bad as some of the players!

Andy and I knock around all the pertinent issues coming out of this week, and look forward to the next two home games: Giants and then Dallas. In a nutshell: that’s the season. You don’t have to win ’em both, but if you only win one, ┬áthen I would make it the Giants game, since Dallas is further behind and you’ve already lost one to Big Blue.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s edition, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Angelo Cataldi is a FUCKING CLOWN. He’s not from Philly. He is from Rhode Island and grew up a Giants fan. He claims that he speaks for the fan base, but most of the fans despise him. He rants and raves and campaigns for every single coach and GM in town to be fired. His act is tired and old. He has a face for radio and a voice for print. I am an Eagles fan, but I prefer to listen to Czabe.The only decent show on WIP is the weekend show with Glenn Macnow and Ray Didinger. The rest is complete trash.


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