“Make Them Pay… Make Them Pay!….”


I doubt this video will hit too many sympathetic ears and eyes up there in Wisconsin, where sports is such passion the thought of shoo-ing a team out of town over a new stadium deal gone wrong is almost unthinkable.

The new owners of the Bucks are billionaires. They should foot most of the bill for this new arena. What with Uncle Herb already kicking in some half-billion or so to ensure his legacy as “the rich dude who didn’t completely f*** the city when he sold the team.”

Anyhow, I suggest if nothing else, try to keep Mayor Tom Barrett from speaking up in defense of whatever deal the city is trying to pass.

He’s not exactly helping close the deal with statements like this.


I also am not sure I’d use an atomic-bomb-style “fallout” illustration as a selling point FOR the new place. Seems kind of creepy, and a bit of a threat. Don’t build this stadium, and we’re gonna DROP A NUKE OF ECONOMIC STARVATION AND KILL THE STATE! WHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAA!

You can see the “ripple effect” segment of the piece here.



  1. Hey Czabe – Finally a political point that I agree with you on. Both parties try to push this bullcrap when trying to build shiney new stadiums.

  2. Oliver is such a one-trick pony.

    Is that the same Jon Oliver who gets a 30% tax credit for his show via the NY State Film Tax Credit Program?

    He can go away any time.

  3. So good. When Snyder tries to leverage the interest in Virginia against those in DC and Maryland, scew him. Let Virginia pay. Having the team in DC would make a lot of sense, but he’ll get more financial help in Virginia. And when it comes to Dan Snyder (and most owners and most businessmen) the deal that puts the most money in his pockets makes the most sense.


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