Malcolm McLeod 13 A Rousing Success!


When you organize a golf trip, you assume and plan for things to go wrong. Guys that fail to post. Tee-times that are somehow screwed up. Lost clubs. Arguments. Injuries.

In fact, any number of things can – and will – go wrong if you plan and execute enough of these middle-aged weekend rodeos.

None of that for us this time. A bogey-free scorecard.


Somehow, we nearly pulled of the perfect trip. The weather was incredible. The courses were elite and in prime condition. Hell, a few of us played some sporadically decent golf!

Here’s a few photos to enjoy. For anyone who has never been to Pinehurst (or technically Southern Pines) in North Carolina, you simply must go. There is no setting quite like it anywhere else. Firm sandy turf conditions on rolling hills. Towering loblolly pines framing nearly every hole. And fantastic weather in the spring and fall (you might want to avoid July and August).

The courses we played were Pine Needles (site of ’01 and ’06 US Women’s Open) and newly restored Mid-Pines (which is a mini version of Pinehurst #2, only far more interesting and dynamic in terms of elevation changes). Along with the Dormie Club which opened in 2010, designed by the legendary tandem of Coore and Crenshaw while they were in the area restoring ol’ #2 for the 2014 US Open.

The only regret about this trip, is that it goes by in a BLINK after all of these years. Those guys who have been on every trip so far (there’s only 3 of us!) agree that time seems to keep on speeding up once we roll into town. I guess getting old does that to time, makes it accelerate in your mind.

But luckily our group has remained mostly intact, infused with some new blood additions to keep it fresh and vibrant. I hope we can make it 25 years in a row someday. I have had people reach out to me and describe their golf trips which are going on 30 years steady.

Of course, by then, our format of 36-36-18 will have been reduced to 9-Holes/Fishing/Early Bird Buffet.

Until then, we press on, undaunted by mediocre golf and aching knees and backs.

“What are you playing?”
“Titleist 4.”
“You’re over here, in the straw. I think you’ve got a shot…..”

DSC03095 (1) DSC03174 DSC03206 DSC03236 DSC03257 DSC03043 DSC03046 DSC03059 DSC03087 (1)


  1. Love the pics Czabe. One of the things to be loved on a course like these is that they seem remote enough away from sights, sounds of civilization. All you hear are the sounds of nature, running water, birds going after one another, a deer or raccoon off in the woods. No loud music, cars, people shouting. Peace and tranquility, ain’t nothing better amongst the groves of trees, love it.

  2. I can never get enough of the Pinehurst area. Those 3 courses are excellent – as good as it gets. But even the lower tier courses are very good. You don’t have to spend a fortune – if you don’t have one – to have a very enjoyable golf trip. It’s just …….. Dude Heaven.


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