Meet “The Capital Golf Gang”


You may have previously known us as “those golf dorks” on ESPN980’s “Sunday Tee Time” show during golf season. Yeah, same hopeless golf nerds. But we’ve decided to put in the work (at least :30 a week) talking golf ALL year long. Once March comes along, we figure to “simulcast” this podcast onto ESPN 980 in it’s usual 9 a.m. Sunday slot.

I have decided to call our ongoing podcast “The Capital Golf Gang” to reflect who we are and where we are from. We’re four golf fanatics, from four distinctly different “sectors” of the “industry” and we’ve lived here in the Washington D.C. area for most of our adult lives.

John Ronis is opening his own signature teaching academies at Piedmont GC, Chantilly National GC and River Creek GC in Loudoun County. John has been the director of instruction at Woodmont CC for 20+ years.

Ron Thomas is a former Division I player at the University of Maryland under Fred Funk in the late 80’s. He has also served as my Maryland Team Captain in the Potomac Cup for over 10 years now. He still plays in just about every high level amateur event in the region, and goes toe-to-toe with young punks in their 20’s with a reliable running draw off the tee and the chipping touch of a surgeon!

Jon Guhl is the Executive Director of the Middle Atlantic PGA. He supports over 1500 pros in the region, and also serves as a rules official for dozens of high level tournaments and qualifiers every year. This man knows his rules!

And then there’s me… the nerdy nerderson radio boy who fell in love with golf at age 10 when my dad first took me to Algonkian Regional Park one Saturday morning. I’ve been falling in love with the game every year, all over again, ever since.

Our goal for this golf podcast is to be ruthlessly entertaining, informative, and beholden to nobody. At times, our bare-knuckle truth will sound like four guys shooting the shit after a round in the clubhouse, over a beer.

Which is precisely the goal.

As such, don’t expect a bunch of bubble gum card names on this podcast. By being brutally honest, you accept the fact that you may not make friends with everybody in the game. But we’ll always be fair, and there’s enough divergent opinions to keep everybody in check.

We also are thankful to Buddy Christensen at GolfDom in Tyson’s Corner for serving as our location host, and podcast sponsor. Buddy runs an amazing shop, with the most knowledgeable staff in the area. Plus two fitting studios that are absolute marvels of tech. Please let them know you are a fan of ours when you visit!

SO… without further jibjabbery…. here we go. Below are the first THREE podcasts we recorded last week. I apologize for less than ideal audio. I forgot ONE key cable for my mixer/mic set up and we had to record “au natural” so to speak.

This will be fixed in all future episodes.

EPISODE #1: Who Are We, and Why Are We Here

EPISODE #2: Tiger’s Comeback

EPISODE #3: Golf Stocking Stuffers, Does The Ball Fly Too Far?


  1. Czabe – this is great. Sounds like you’ve assembled a top-notch golf crew. “Golf-Super-Friends”-esque even. Have missed your morning show here in RVA the last several years, so glad to have another avenue to hear you – especially when it’s golf-centric. Looking forward to future episodes.


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