Lindsay Vonn and Megyn Kelly at the Derby


I’ll just leave this here… and you can do with it what you want. And if you want more of smokin’ hot Megyn in her Churchill Downs finery, then this article has ’em for ya. Oh, that and her impossibly handsome, I’m sure he’s rich too, smug looking husband. Jerk.

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There’s just something about both Kelly and Vonn that appeals to me. I think it’s because they are both so “alpha” in their jobs. Kelly stands in against bullies like Donald Trump and doesn’t flinch. A smokeshow, with a brain, and a spine. Vonn meanwhile flies down mountains with reckless abandon. Wrecks her knee. Gets up, gets stitched up, grinds through rehab, and then comes back to win again.

And yet, despite that badassery, when they decide to dress up and hit the red carpet, they are as good looking as any model in the business – heck, even more good looking because they actually EAT every now and then!

Here’s to you gals. Never stop Instagramming.


Verrrrry quick trip to #NYC and now off to Vermont for my friend’s wedding. Busy ? #hyhowedding

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  1. Well the ex-Tiger is a horse face, and the talking head news girl got here job because she was smoking hot, and then wanted to be taken at more than just hot face value so now she uglies her hair up.


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