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    Davis’ comments are indefensible. Maybe he couldn’t see the wiggles from where he was standing, but in this age of hi-def tv, all of the viewing public could damn sure see it. Condition of the greens was the worst I’ve seen in the 40+ years I’ve been watching. While there was nothing wrong with the rest of the course as far as playability – other than a matter of style/taste – the galleries possibly got it worse than the players. And to think they built it with an Open in mind ….. that’s just astonishing. USGA gets a D on this project.

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    “…..We are POUNDING them….”

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    boss hogg

    Again, it’s golf. Nobody cares.

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    I was out of town so forgive the belated “I’m so done with”, but ISDW “everybody has to play the same course.” Oh really, well next year the tournament can be on I-95 during rush hour but hey, everybody has to play the same course. One of the issues that never really came up was how the banged up greens might impact the putting stroke of the pros. When the axiom of your profession is, “Drive for show, putt for dough,” the last thing you needs are hosed up greens throwing off your putting stroke for the next three tournaments.


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