How Have I Missed This Awesome Aaron Rodgers Campaign?


My goodness. It’s apparently not enough that your quarterback, Packer fans, is a missile-launching alpha-stud, who is absolutely MELTING all recognized metrics for QB play in the NFL.

No, not enough.

He also has the best sense of how, and where, and why to apply himself to the community and important causes. While some other team’s QB is busy tweeting nonsense about #knowyourwhy and quoting random bible verses (nothing against the good word, btw!) while rolling out a new “personal” logo… ahem… your quarterback is doing this.

So, so, soooo well done.

I had not known about it until now, but let me just say a hearty WELL DONE to both Rodgers, his team of advisers, agents, and the Gruber law firm for backing it. Kudos too, to the film crew, for achieving that oh-so-lovely shallow-depth-of-field-24p-film-look.

This girl is a little champ. God bless her.

While I am proudly a part of Bob and Brian’s golf outing which benefits the MAAC Fund, I hope this post helps spread the word about the G9 (Gold in September) initiative. And while I am sure I may get the “duh, Czabe! Where have you been?” treatment from many of you, let’s just remember that if I can help spread the word a little farther, in a few more places, that’s a good thing, right?

Aaron Freaking Rodgers. It’s simply unfair he’s your QB. Soak up every minute he plays for you guys, and act like it could all end tomorrow.


  1. My God, one of the nicest, sweetest ‘trinkly’ piano pieces ever. In between crying and smiling I have become a huge A Rodgers fan.

  2. Good stuff…. It’s things like this that show how human athletes can be. Guys like this, John Wall, Chris Paul, Philip Rivers, and others should be told more. Makes me want to be fans of the man, not just the player.

  3. Czabe Thank you so much for posting this… I didn’t know much about Aaron Rogers but always liked the way he played, now I like him for who he is. Annie is an ANGEL. Good luck to her, Doug in Montana

  4. Rodgers is the man.

    As far as the unnamed QB who should be paying attention, it was my hope that he would by example make being educated a “cool” thing in the inner city. But I mis-read who he was. More interested in building his brand than becoming a great QB. What a wasted opportunity.

  5. Aaron Rodgers is in a class all by himself. The stats speak for themselves but this guy knows how important he is to the state of Wisconsin as whole and understands this role and lives up to it with class, respect, etc. In a modern day sports world that is all about me, me,me…he continues to show us that he’s a part of something much bigger whether its team or community.

    • For what it’s worth, I do remember watching that draft… watching him fall through the first ten, and then the teens, thinking “no way… really?!” I can’t tell you how happy I am that San Fran took Alex Smith.


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