More Redskins Insanity


As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The Washington Post reported late on Tuesday evening that Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder may be considering building his new stadium at the very same site of the current FedEx Field where they are currently playing.

Yes, that’s right, a new stadium in the utterly dismal, and nobody wants to go to ” Raljon”, Maryland. Yes, it’s technically not called Raljohn, as we all know here in DC, but it’s Landover, and it’s the wrong place for the stadium.

The Redskins built the wrong stadium, in the wrong place, and we’ve been paying for it steadily every year that the team has been out there. Yes, it hasn’t helped that the team has sucked for 30 years, but the stadium site has been awful, and Dan Snyder just might be going back for another taste.

Why? Well, it looks like the federal government is not going relinquish its hold on the land where the old RFK Stadium still stands — the site of the glory years for the Redskins. And so now, according to the Washington Post story, a source with the team said: “all options are still on the table.”

Ummmmm, what options? You have no fucking options? All of your non-existent options are still on the table? Great.

So now the Redskins are thinking about going back to the same site to build a new stadium and honestly if this becomes a reality, it will do it for me and a lot of fans. It will be the final straw.

Of course, a lot of fans just don’t go to games anyway. And a lot of fans still won’t go no matter where the stadium is, so maybe they do just build a new stadium that will look better on TV, because many of us are just not gonna go. It’s too far of a schlep, you have no idea what horrific snafus could be on the roadways in this town at any time of the day, and let’s be honest, no one wants to go out to Landover for a football game —there’s nothing there.

This new stadium has got to be in the District, and the only place is on the RFK site.

Unfortunately, the federal government has to release the long term rights to the land, something they’re not doing right now. And then, even if the federal government does do what it says it’s not going to do, well then, the DC government also has to agree to let Dan Snyder build a stadium within the city lines — something a number of people on that DC Council have said they won’t approve because they don’t like the name Redskins.

The question is, would I make the trade for a new, cool kick-ass, killer stadium in downtown Washington, DC in exchange for giving up the Redskins name?

It would have to be something where literally just the name changed — where they became the Washington Warriors and they kept the logo and they kept the color scheme.

I could be talked into that. I still don’t think the Redskins name is offensive, and you’re never going to change my mind so you can just delete whatever email you’re going to say to send to me right now.

But if the team becomes something totally different — where they lose both the colors and the imagery and the concept of the Native American warrior as the team name and identity . . . well, then I would be completely, totally out, even if they build a new stadium within the District. Keep the name, but build at the current site fo FedEx stadium? I’m out again.

Oh, what are there other options? Prince William County, Virginia. Prince William County is a nice county. Beautiful county. Good people live there. But it’s so fucking far out. You’d be taking the team from one extreme edge of the market and moving it 70 miles to the wast, as the crow flies. It’s insanity.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens from here, but I don’t like the sound of it, that’s for sure.


  1. I truly believe that if the Redskins had been winning consistently for the past 30 years, Jack Kent Cooke Stadium ( FedEx, whatever) could have become hallowed ground.

    Imagine the wonderful memories with your family and friends that never came to be. Imagine a win against Philly at home on Monday night. Imagine sweeping Dallas year in and year out. Imagine NFC Championship games and the place rocking as a full house of 80,000 plus.

    I fully expect many to disagree with me here, but I think the problem was the Redskins losing. Not the walls and land around them.

    It doesn’t matter where the Skins build a new stadium, Snyder is the problem and losing/misery will follow. Even an new stadium built as an exact replica of RFK will eventually become a miserable experience with losing.


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