He Only Mumbles Non Answers When He’s Not Getting Paid


But when he does get into breaking down plays, like in this video link on the Patriots site, it’s utterly fascinating, and dare I saw “awesome?”

Granted, he’s not diagramming the cure to cancer. These football concepts are explained on a weekly basis by not just network shows on ESPN and NFL Network, but also by enterprising football coaches on the internet using the All-22 film and screen caps.

Still, it’s pretty cool because a) It’s easy to broad brush BB as a joyless dick and b) How many other coaches will go into this kind of detail just one week after a big playoff win, and before an AFC title game?

Of course if you can’t stomach the thought of Bill Belichick as a real human being who has an actual personality, well, then you can always enjoy Frank Caliendo’s masterpiece known as “We’re On to Cincinnati!”



  1. Bill Belichick also got an episode of “A Football Life” that shows him as quite the sentimental softy. Lots of genuine emotion in his voice as he talks about his time with the Giants and his boyhood experiences with the Navy football team his dad coached.

    I would imagine that most head coaches are not terribly ‘personable’ people. To get to that level and to keep your job as a head coach (or any elite level job) you have to be utterly obsessed with football and have a singular focus on the game. If you don’t share a similar level of focus and commitment (at least during the season) it is unlikely you are going to acheive any sort of connexion.


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