My Listeners Are Now Peacocking Their Outdoor HDTV Set-Ups


So the other day, Scott Linn proudly talked about how he had used his wife’s casual mention of “you know, a TV out here by the fire pit might be pretty nice…” and ran with it.

He didn’t ask any further questions, and went right to Costco for a nice 40″ generic brand set, and proudly brought it home  and plopped it outside. He uses the built in ROKU streaming and an over-the-air (OTA) HD antenna.

It’s sweet. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Until Mrs. L decided it was “too big” and made him return it for a piddling 32-incher. BOOO! First of all, the actual footprint difference in the two TV’s is marginal, at best. Secondly, the cost difference is also not a factor. (The 40-incher was only about $299).

Here’s what listener Eric Linder said was Scott’s fatal mistake…

Mr. Czabe,

I’m a long-standing 1%er so I have seen too many episodes in Mr. Linn’s life unfold with a less than desirable outcome. Here is the lesson he needs to learn, and all of us for that matter with wives at home.

Scott should have targeted the size of TV that he knew he was wanting first. Knowing that 40 inches is the target, the proper move is to buy a 46 inch tv.
This way when you bring it home the wife says that “that is too big”, you take it back and bring home the 40 incher that you wanted in the first place. 

That is a back door modified husband-and-wife win-win to your advantage because you GOT what you wanted and she got to THINK she got what she wanted.

I love you Scott but we have just got to be smart about these things. Keep up the good work  boys.

Eric Linder
Lancaster PA

Okay, fair points. However, I would have actually said: “Sorry, hun. They don’t make HDTV’s any smaller. This IS the small.” Then if she still protested, I would flip her the receipt and say: “Go ahead. I got it at Costco. Get whatever you want instead.”

That would likely stop the resistance dead in it’s tracks, all while strengthening the pimp hand at home.

But still, good for Scott. He’s got a sweet set-up and I need to come over and watch outdoors while the weather is good. Which brings me to my next point….

Q: Is having an outdoor TV even worth it, in a bug-infested, humidity soaked hellhole like the mid-Atlantic region anyway?

On the one hand, if the weather is lovely, then YES, having a beer and watching that game amongst backyard nature is fantastic. But how many days a year do we actually get that?

And, more importantly, because the bugs are so ridiculous around here, how can you keep them off the screen once the sun goes down? Unless they make a combination Bug-Zapper/HDTV, it seems like a losing battle.

Also, you are pretty much going to have to accept lugging the TV inside and out every time you use it. Even my guy Bill Stamper in Indy (whose awesome set-up you see above, and below) admits this much.


I set up a 60″ TV outdoors, it’s f-ing awesome.  I ran HDMI and power to an outlet box. I set a steel pole in a sleeve (set in concrete underground), set the TV on the bracket mounted to the pole, and plug in power and HDMI.

Can also have sound piped through the outdoor rock speakers for more robust sound.

Weather permitting, watch Sunday night NFL games, Colts games, playoff baseball, New Year’s Day bowl games..

I do have to take it inside every time. Takes about 10 minutes to set up and tear down. I have a bracket attached to a wall in my garage and just hang it there and cover it in the garage so it doesn’t get dust, etc. in it.

Don’t leave it outside because it’s truly an indoor TV, so even with a cover think it may succumb to the elements with too much exposure (or a mischievous neighborhood kid  and his buddies that may want a 60″ TV).

Thought about a true outdoor TV and would have secured it to guard against potential theft but those are about $5k+ so I figured taking it in and out is no big deal and if I drop it, melt it (it gets warm next to the fire when I crank it up) it’s not the end of the world as it is about 10-15% of the cost of a true outdoor TV…hell as fas as technology changes I may want to “accidentally” drop it in 3-4 years anyway to upgrade!

Still… a mere 32″ TV out there is embarrassing…., I’m disappointed in you, Mr. Linn!

Bill Stamper, Indy

Well, now go easy on my boy Billy! The man has pushed through a LOT of very good “legislation” through “Congress” at my urging. Things like… a. 3-TV indoor set-up. b. Snowblower and now he has an outdoor firepit and TV set up that will be great.

For two weeks in May, and another 2 weeks in September. We’ll take what we can get, right?

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  1. Hey Czabe, first let me say I am a big fan and a long time listener via Bob and Brian up here in the great state of Wisconsin. I think this is a great concept in theory and I actually think its more useful in Wisconsin than the east coast. My main issues would be the weather, bugs and work involved. You would definitely have to take it up and down with each use. While the setup wouldnt be bad, lugging a 60 inch TV around isnt easy. Also I cant see getting a quality TV for that use as its likely to have some sort of accident due to usage and elements. The best bet is to have a screened in porch with a nice TV set up and sound. While it may not have all the elements of outside, its darn sure close.

  2. Linn & Czabe need to have their man-cards revoked. Sometimes, fellas, you just have to dig your heels in …. and size of the TV is definitely one of them.


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