New Year, New Opportunities


Many have asked me “what happened” or implored me to explain “the real story” about my departure from “Bob and Brian in The Morning.” Well…. the “real story” of what happened is quite simple and occurs all the time in the world of radio.

My contract term was coming to an end.
Another opportunity presented itself to me.
It was simply too enticing to say no.

There’s nothing more to it than that.

It did not make leaving any easier from personal standpoint. I miss that segment incredibly. That will never change. I miss how we could play “loud and fast” on whatever topics came up in sports, without even a sliver of planning or rehearsal. That’s talent, chemistry, and years of shared history. That cannot, and will not, be replicated.

Being part of the Bob and Brian Show was like being part of a family. I consider those guys my older brothers. Not only are Bob and Brian incredible radio talents, they are even better people, better fathers, and respected members of the community. I thanked them for the chance they took on me all those years ago, and for all of the great radio and great times we were able to share along the way.

Most importantly thanks to all of you listeners who “adopted me” as “one-half-Wisconsin” and endured my sometimes unhinged nonsense every day. This new opportunity for me will begin in the spring, and I will talk about it more as it approaches.

Here’s to new beginnings in 2019 with humble and heartfelt appreciation for great things that eventually come to an end!


  1. Thank you for the closure and the why. I think most knew it was contract related. I think what got most, including myself was the, see ya tomorrow and then there was no tomorrow. Poof, just like that, you were gone. It was a little irritating that BnB didn’t say a word either. 20 plus years and we got nothing from both sides. Glad we got something, I for one, appreciate it. Cheers to new endeavours.

  2. You made a colossal career mistake!!! Not to mention, you totally screwed over the guys you claim to be so grateful to in Milwaukee. I will root for the E-A-G-L-E-S…EAGLES! over the politically incorrect “Redskins” every game for the rest of time! Good riddance to you, sir!

  3. YOU ARE the “adopted son” that is no longer welcome! Have fun with that other station in the spring. I was going to name it, but I can’t remember the name! I’ll be listening to Bob & Brian in the morning anyway. Maybe I’ll finally start going on those vacations and golf outings! They sounded fun!!

    By the way, Favre was way better than Aaron Rodgers!!!


    For as long as you were part of the family, you should have had a sincere goodbye end. Instead, you did what you did.

  5. Thanks for saying something Steve. I’ve been listening to you dating back to the 90s on the One on One sports network out of Chicago. I appreciate some insight as to what happened as it just ended so quickly without notice for the listeners. I look forward to hearing about the new opportunity this spring. Hopefully it’s still in the Wisconsin market. I do miss hearing that segment every morning.


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