NFL Week 2: For The Record…


Since there’s a 2% chance that I have a great year picking games, I figure I better put these weekly selections online and officially “On The Record…”

Last week: Jimmy Masterlock went 1-3, continuing his horrible run from 2014. (PS: I lost the official “Jimmy Record” from  last year, but I could swear he was down about 40%. Which, if you just FADE his picks every week, then you would have had a fabulously profitable year. If somebody has that number, please shoot it my way.)

My survivor pick, survived: Green Bay. Yeah, I know, I “wasted” them in Week 1. Considering how the last 3 times I’ve done survivor pools, I have been KNOCKED OUT in WEEK ONE, then I don’t worry about “wasting” anybody. Survive, and advance.

Week 2
Survivor Pick: Indianapolis (-7) vs the NYJ on MNF. (Used: GB)

Jimmy Masterlock Picks
The Contrarian “Run TO the Smell” Pick: Washington +3.5
The Rams are in a huge letdown spot after beating the Seahawks at home.

The “Short Stack Short Line Winner” – NY Giants -2.5 vs. Atlanta
If not for a shaky 1st half by Eagles, Falcons were on their way to getting blown out.

Barking Dog “You Won’t Need The Points” Pick: Seattle +3.5 at Green Bay
The demise of the ‘Hawks is premature and over-rated.

The “Don’t Think, Don’t Blink, Lay The Lumber” Favorite: Indianapolis -7 vs. NY Jets (MNF)
The Browns gave the Jets 5 turnovers last week, and they gave ’em Johnny Stupid.

Lastly, it needs to be noted: the NFL doesn’t really give two shits about concussions or the “brain health” of their players. They only care about QB’s. Period. Full stop. To think that Adam “Pacman” Jones can commit felonious assault like he did against Amari Cooper, and to only be FINED for it, says all you need to know. Just like when Ndamakong Suh kicks the helmet off Alfred Morris pretending to “walk back” to the huddle, and he doesn’t even get a fine?

The NFL does not care. If you are not a QB, you can DIE playing this game, and they won’t blink. Everybody else is mere chattel, and they seemingly have no interest anymore in actively policing league play. And sadly, there seems to be no respect among players. The league is becoming prison football, surrounded by pattycake rules for the guys throwing the ball.


  1. Thanks to crappers like Pacman Jones, I’m done with pro football. I hate their throwback outfits, I hate the Ginger Ape, I hate One-Week fantasy teams, I hate that it costs $12.50 to buy a macro-brew at JerryWorld… I’m so sick of this I can’t even type anymore.


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