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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    Tick Tock

    Basically another form of fake news

  2. 2

    Ted Miller

    Thanks Czabe – spot on with your analysis of ESPN “journalism”. But a little harsh on Izzo. He’s never used a bag man to buy recruits like some of the other coaches you compared him to.

  3. 3


    You gotta make the winning play. Birdie putt to win? You don’t lag it and hope your opponent misses his. Up 3 with :50 left? You don’t kick a FG then kick off.
    Losers hope the other team will blow it. Losers put games on the shoulders of kickers. Losers punt when 2 yards on 4th down WINS THE GAME!
    At some point in every game someone drives a screwdriver into the neck of their opponent, or they have it taken from them and get it but good.

  4. 4


    Thank you for this excellent report, its messed up that the masses who are mostly morons will read the dribble and then become the judge, juror and executioner all in one second.

  5. 5

    Tom B

    Such a great catch by you Czabe on the MSU “scandal.” As someone who listens to you every day on B&B as well as listens to the Mike Valenti show ever day, I’m glad that people are starting to question some of these sensationalized ESPN stories. They missed so many facts in this story and could cost a couple legendary coaches their careers. It’s just plain irresponsible journalism.

  6. 6

    Kevin Gallagher

    Czabe, I agree with your take in this piece. Now apply this line of thinking to the Penn St scandal. I know far more about that than most, and I can tell you the whole “cover up” angle is pure fiction. A juicy narrative, but pure bullshit.

  7. 7

    Big Dog Daddy

    I find it curious that you are giving Izzo and Dantonio the benefit of the doubt. You have either learned from the Penn State mess or you are being hypocritical. You and your show continue to to castigate Paterno for doing exactly what he was supposed to do, report to the proper authorities, and stay out of the way. That is exactly what the NCAA tells all coaches to do today.

    Even today, zero credible evidence exists that Paterno was aware of the actions of his former employee. The Freeh report has been discredited, the NCAA has been proven to be pulling the strings on the entire story so they could have some street cred.

    Sandusky was a pillar of the community predator and he fooled those around him, including the state of PA who approved him to adopt kids….and an 80year old football coach was supposed to investigate and contradict what the state of PA approved him to do?

    Lou Anna Simon sat in judgement on PSU but did not return to her own school and warn all department heads to be aware of nice guy predators. She could have stopped Nassar back in 2011, instead she stole the bowl revenue from PSU and had it earmarked for prevention programs at each member school….what did she prevent? Where did MSU spend their share? How she can sleep at night is beyond me.

    I ask you as a parent to please take 5 minutes from one of your shows and have Jim Clemente on to discuss nice guy predators and pillars of the community predators. He is a leading expert on how to spot these folks. Let’s take these lessons to actually learn something and prevent the next tragedy.

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  9. 8


    So – now you all are seeing EXACTLY the clickbait bullshit that E$PiN stirred up back in 2011/2012 with Penn State, Louis Freeh and Mark Emmert.

    No one waited for the facts. No one said “hold the phone” and waited for due process. No one bothered to flip past page 18 and actually FACT CHECK the Freeh report against the facts already ON the record.

    Everyone picked up their pompoms, high-kicked on the sidelines and cheered on the likes of ESPN while the flames grew higher.

    Because a “football cover up” sounded so great!

    So here we are 6 years later – adjudication in the courtroom this past March proved there was no conspiracy or “cover up”, over a linchpin incident the commonwealth hinged their case on, to achieve 3 misdemeanors. It cost PA taxpayers a ton, wasted resources and the state never got off their ass to ever identify this particular victim, over a crime that never happened.

    But no one wanted to read up on the facts. It was easier to light your torch and run with clickbait headline, shouting “THEY KNEW”.

    So state prosecutors, the NCAA, Louis Freeh – along with the help of ESPN – torched the place over a “cover up” that didn’t happen, embroiled so many in costly lawsuits and ultimately shot the remaining tires out on Child Protective Services here in PA. We now have fires burning on the frontlines of our CPS in all 67 counties, caseworkers leaving, at-risk kids and families suffering – thanks to a media firestorm fueled over “football”.

    So is the arsonist ESPN going to forensically cover the smoking wreckage of Child Protective Services or nah?

  10. 9


    Who is this!? These guys want proof and evidence!? Haha the women who were assaulted were interviewed and said first hand one was hit and another raped. What more proof do you need then the victim!?!?! Idiots.

  11. 11



    I can accept your assessment of Izzo because of this story! I heard Valenti as well and I was wondering why I hadn’t heard that angle yet. I am a proud Spartan and I hate the constant rush to judgement. Insightful comments and analysis Steve!

    Very Respectfully,

    John Hill

  12. 12


    Where was this magnanimity and rationalism when Miami was being run through the NCAA wringer for four + years? If there was any member of the press not leading the mob with a torch, I don’t recall them. That includes you, Czabe. The things that were reported as fact, based purely on the word of a lying ponzi-schemer (who was deemed corroborated when he repeated himself more than once) were the definition of unproven sensationalism.

    You’re right to look at this current environment and this specific incident with skepticism. You just might consider applying it evenly across the board, especially when it comes to confronting your own biases.


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