“Peaceful Protests…”


While the rest of the world – even the poorest of the poor – has to deal with the hand of God breaking everything they own, we here in America are busy breaking our own stuff in a collective temper tantrum.

Talk about “First World Problems” right?

I mean, how can you reason with significant chunks of a city populace who think burning down a drug store in their own neighborhood makes any kind of sense?

How can you feel safe going to a baseball game in this kind of neighborhood, even months after things have “settled down” knowing that certain elements of that neighborhood would do such a thing, if the chance presented itself?

How can you have confidence in a mayor of said city, who admitted to giving these violent criminals “space to destroy?” The notion that “a little destruction” is “okay” is perhaps the most perverse thing about this whole ugly episode.

So it’s just “property?” Who cares, right? Somebody ELSE will pay for it. Insurance maybe, but hey, at least it wasn’t a brick to somebody’s head. So yeah, we let it slide. Never mind the fact that insurance companies should not be on the hook because a mayor decides to just turn a blind eye to criminal acts. Never mind the terror and inconvenience of the car owner who has to retrieve their demolished vehicle, and go through the hassle and expense of replacing it.

Nah. Those people need to take a back seat so we can have a “balancing act” of allowing protest and SOME destruction.

Truly PEACEFUL protests, require the overwhelming majority of protesters, to essentially self-police themselves from fringe elements. Otherwise, it’s too easy to just say: “Oh, well we were just chanting and singing, I don’t know WHO was setting police cars on fire?”

citizens_clean_upAt least there’s these two encouraging images. The first is of volunteers cleaning out the torched CVS drug store.

Then there’s this mom, with total disregard for Roger Goodell’s concussion protocols, whoopin’ her kid upside the head for participating in this nonsense.

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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.


  1. Fans of Czabe (and like-minded thinkers, I’d like to believe) please recognize that the mayor’s comments were made with reference to a “balancing act” that went awry. She wanted to give the protestors a safe place to protest and INADVERTENTLY gave them a space to destroy. Her choice of words and method of delivery were awful, but you have to believe that no politician would actually consciously provide a “space to destroy” other people’s property.

  2. ohh lord I hope jordana doesn’t see that video of mom whupping up her kid, she’ll be up on her soap box calling for social services to lock this mom up for eternity.

    Well at least since jordana doesn’t follow this blog anymore she won’t be able to blame czabe for “fanning” the flames.

  3. Eddie, what the mayor basically said was she was was willing to risk some violence and destruction in order to protect the protestors. That’s bassackward, liberal thinking that obviously didn’t work.

  4. Then we get this piece of idiocy from Nancy Armour at USA Today:

    “Better yet, send a message to those folks in Baltimore – the ones cleaning up their neighborhoods and reclaiming their kids from the streets – that you believe in the inherent goodness of the city.

    Play the games as they were originally scheduled, and give the people of Baltimore a chance to show the city is better than those who want to tear it down.”

  5. You know, if the criminal justice system would do their damned jobs and actually prosecute and incarcerate people that commit crimes (yes, Freddie Gray had been arrested 3 times in 2015 already) this would have never happened. Freddie would still be alive (in jail, but alive) and there would be no reason to riot.

    Limp-wristed, namby-pamby policies at work, and then everyone is surprised at the outcome. (Captain Blammo went boom? Awww.who’d have thunk?) Learn from history, or you will repeat it.

    I am tired of hearing about overcrowded prisons too. Build more of them, those are good paying construction jobs not being filled. Put the trash behind bars, and the streets and neighborhoods will start to clean up. If there are no consequences (or barley any) for committing crimes, the criminal population will continue to increase. If the criminals are behind bars, they will not be on the streets to harass honest people, recruit fellow thugs, and disrupt business. I would bet that you could reduce the police forces eventually too if ALL criminals served the time that they were supposed to serve.


  6. Uhh, dick tock, I’m not a liberal sunshine. Wow, imagine that, you’ve inconceivably trumped your last colossally stupid comment.

    Quick quiz:
    Q: You know who are raging liberals and bleeding hearts when it comes to punishing soulless pukes and punks that do unspeakably hideous things? A: Criminal defense attorneys. You know who gladly is on the payroll of said attorneys? That’s right. The host here who has in the past correctly pointed out the horribly dysfunctional gangsta/ inner city culture but then weirdly also gets upset when a professional sports league decides to finally, finally, crack down on these shitbags (regardless of who the shitbag paid off to avoid criminal prosecution).

    I despise hypocrites and dipshits who think they aren’t dipshits. You’re obviously the latter. 🙂

    • I would love too but my parents told me to never lay a hand on lady.
      jordana still checking back multiple times on the site she despises….baw ha ha haa.


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