The Redskins Solution at Back-Up Tight End Is Already In the Building


And it’s flat NUTS that they haven’t signed him to a contract at this point. Nuts. But apparently McLoughan thinks a guy who grades film would be unwelcome in some quarters of the lockeroom.

In this week’s SRBFTD Podcast, Andy Pollin and I explore the dynamic, and I roll out what I think is a large factor in the team not even wanting to “go there” on giving Cooley a chance.

We also discuss…
The breathtaking skillset of Jordan Reed…
The latest handicapping of the NFC East race…
How Kirk choked out the dragon this year, to earn the job (and likely a new deal…)
AND… why the heck IS Robert Griffin III is somehow STILL eating up a wasted roster spot on this team?

All of that…. plus “Obscure Redskins” which includes a Hall of Fame college coach, and the story of why Ifeyana Ohelate had to sue Clinton Portis.

Sit back and enjoy everyone, and enjoy the Jamocha Shake!


  1. I’ve seen a bunch of playoff projections, and the Eagles have the best chance to win the division, and the Giants have the worst. The Eagles can lose to the Cardinals and still win the division on tie-breakers if they beat the Redskins and Giants the last 2 weeks.

    The Eagles/Redskins game will more than likely decide the division. If you are a Redskin fan, you have to win the Eagles game. You can’t lose that game and then hope that the Giants beat the Eagles the following week. The Eagles have won something like 12 out of the last 15 against the Giants.

    The Giants have 2 players: Eli and OBJ. Their defense is terrible. They also have the toughest remaining schedule. I don’t see how you can say that they are the team to beat. The division will come down to Eagles and Redskins.


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