Relaxing Endzone Celebrations Will Not Save NFL Ratings


Even though some would claim otherwise, letting players jump around like silly-nannies in the endzone is not going to do much against the real reasons people are starting to tune out the NFL.

Some fans have been saying there should be a “10 Second Rule” on touchdowns. In other words, you and your teammates have 10 seconds to do whatever you want (as long as it’s not “offensive”, which of course, is akin to asking your grandmother what counts as “pornography.”)

You want to see what that would look like? Okay, here. This is from the “China Bowl” in the Chinese indoor football league.

Now, I chuckled like you chuckled seeing this. That said, does anybody want to explain this shit to their 10 year old kid? Or do you want kids mimicking it themselves on the schoolyard?

I thought so.


  1. Really made me laugh …… but would tire of it VERY quickly. IMO the one that never gets old is when the scorer gives the ball to one of his O-line and that guy spikes it or whatever. That is always a team celebration, not a look at me move.


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