Remember: Only Owners Are Allowed to Buy Their Way Out of Trouble


So what exactly is Gregg Hardy supposed to do?

What can he do to clear his name of domestic violence charges?

The claim – not a provable fact as of yet, just a claim – by the prosecution that Hardy has settled financially with his accuser is being thrown around by many in the professional NFL-boot-licking media that he must be guilty.

So when owner Jimmy Haslam “settles” with the feds on his Pilot Flying J “Jack the Rebate” fraud for a whopping $92 million, it’s okay? But how dare Hardy settle with his accuser?

You want guilty pay offs? Here, try this…

Nashville criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor David Raybin, who has followed the case but is not involved, said the agreement most likely signals that Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam will not face charges.

“No prosecutor would enter into an agreement like this, ask for this kind of sanction, unless they didn’t have enough evidence to indict Haslam,” he said. “Also, Pilot would not agree to pay unless they felt the government would not prosecute him.”

What could Hardy have done to fully, immediately, and unequivocally cleared his name in the NFL’s eyes? Win his full jury trial with his accuser testifying in person? Even if her testimony is graphic and shocking, but ultimately rejected by a jury of his peers?

Would that be enough?

Only in Roger Goodell’s bizarro world of “due process” you can have headlines like “Hardy Cleared: Suspension Looming.”

And yeah, I know. Hardy or any other NFL player is not “entitled” to “due process” because the NFL is an employer, not the state.

That still doesn’t make it something anybody should cheer. Overhyped witch hunts driven by the media and the NFL’s paranoia over losing 2% of market share in women’s licensed apparel, is no way to run a league.

Unless you are a league that secretly loves to paint its players as out of control shit-heads, fully interchangeable, and ultimately disposable.

Well, wait until this happens to a player the NFL really cares about. Somebody even bigger than Adrian Peterson. Like, say… oh.. a WHITE QUARTERBACK!

Oh, wouldn’t that be juicy! Go ahead and “park” that QB on the “Commissioner’s Exempt List” and try to claim it’s not actual punishment because “hey, he’s still getting paid.” Then watch a team’s entire season go spiraling down the drain, while hoping a possibly unreliable accuser decides to show up to court.

I think the Hardy case is 50-50 at best. If you read this story of the original trial, it paints a picture that’s hard to fully sort out.

The two were out drinking all night. She was high on cocaine. They fought. Loudly. She claims he threw her around, threatened to kill her, and tossed her on a bed of guns. He says: not even close.

He called 911. She had not much more than a broken toenail to show for this allegedly horrifying encounter. In the end, she took the money and went snowmobiling in Vail.

Good luck sorting that one out.

The NFL has decided it doesn’t care. Gregg Hardy looks like a witch, so let’s burn him. After all, there are women’s jerseys to sell.

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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at


  1. Czabe, the NFL did have its white QB issues… Big Ben. How does the saying go:
    Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern. Then out of the blue he is married and cured of his ways?

  2. He beat me to it. Big Ben ring a freaking bell there Professor Czabe? He was charged with nothing. But the NFL clearly knew at the time he was an out of control douchebag who was groping women (remember the motorcycle accident as well?). The NFL weirdly may have saved his life in a way by giving him that suspension (“scared straight” as it is called) even though “due process’ found him guilty of nothing.

    And I’m sure Hardy gave the chick a civil settlement because he did nothing wrong. That happens all the time to rich guys. Just look at Bill Gates for example. He’s got so much money he’s been falsely accused dozens of…. uhh, no… not once actually.

    Why you give the benefit of the doubt to shitbags while whoring for trial lawyers a guilty as hell shitbag would hire is beyond me.

    The NFL should sit his ass if they feel he acted like a complete asswipe.

    PS: O.J. was innocent of all charges after “due process”. 🙂

  3. And oh yeah, the case fell apart because the victim (who received said settlement from Hardy) refused to work with prosecutors. That’s what Ray Lewis calls buying freedom. Good god… get a clue

  4. PPS: Haslam is a dickshine too. Although I’m not aware of too many federal prosecutors who wouldn’t want to hang a corrupt, insanely rich guy in court if they had a solid case… good for the resume’. There’s a massive difference between paying a chick with a solid you-assaulted-me case to STFU so she doesn’t get jail time and essentially buying freedom from the US Department of Justice.

    I’m pretty sure the feds don’t take bribes if they have an actual case. Normal people do. Like coked up drunk broke chicks who are fucking rich athletes. Again, stick to sports not legal issues.

  5. Jordan,
    Dude you need to wake up!
    you say in your last post the chick had a “solid you assaulted me case”.
    Where the evidence??
    She didn’t have a scratch on her.
    No blood. Does she have one iota of fact that a 275 monster beat her 105 lb ass up like she says??
    she said he threw her on a bed full of guns all the while she admits to being a coked up and was also drinking all night.
    Ok. Yah… lets just take what she said as 100% fact with not a lick of evidence and throw Hardy’s career down the drain because some dumb skanky, hanger on , intoxicated coked up whore said it all happened.
    because there isn’t any gold digging whores out there trolling stadiums and arenas looking for a fast buck,,,,noooooo!!

    You know in this country there is a thing called due process and even pro athletes are entitled to it.

    Wake up bro…

  6. @ticky tock

    Uhhhh, bro, like I said, if she had no case why did he give her a plumb fucking nickel? He could have received his “due process” in a civil trial and made the chick look the gold digging whore while her case was laughed out of court.

    Hardy wanted nothing to do with a civil trial…. where there’s stuff like discovery and sworn testimony (under threat of perjury charges if one lies etc.) Hmmmmm…. someone falsely accuses me I would literally say “Fuck you, prove it. See you in court.”

    Hardy paid her off.

    You naive’ moron. Go back to sleep bro…

  7. dear jordana,

    why go thru a trial when you go make this skank go away for pennies when you’re worth millions.

    his name is mud now and he’s not been convicted of anything (nor charged), his name is still mud if he’s found not guilty. if he goes to trial there a chance he’s convicted and his career is over. he can’t make millions not playing football. pay the skank and move on. lesson learned. his image is tarnished either way. pay her and your playing football again, don’t pay her and you maybe sitting in jail.

    jordana its better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt, but your momma prolly told ya that.

  8. Einstein tick dick:

    Go to the Charlotte police and tell them Hardy gay raped you. Break a nail. Get him to give you pennies (read: likely 6 figures) to make you go away rather than clear his name in civil court (for probably far less than he paid the chick actually).

    That was easy. You’re rich.

    PS: You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. He wasn’t charged with anything ergo there was no chance of him going to jail. But he still paid the bitch. See why the NFL might want to sit this douchebag? Funny how this shit seems to happen to low rent, low character types all the time.

    Why isn’t someone making false rape claims on Manning or Brady 24/7 by the way? With endorsements, they make as much or more than anyone in the league. Just break a nail and tell the cops you were assaulted by Manning. Get him to give you a shitload of money. Rinse and repeat. Happens all the time to upstanding players.

    You moron.

  9. miss jordyn,
    u mad bro?

    wake up child. the difference between a manning or brady is they don’t put themselves in this predicament dumbass. look what happened to big ben, put yourself out in the clubs in a situation and your gonna get stung. you go out with single gold digging skanks and snort coke with them well you better be ready to pay a price.
    why don’t you think he was charged?? cuzz he paid the ho you f’ing nim wit.

    im thru owning you miss jordyn.

  10. yo jordyn,

    you mad girlfriend?

    you nimwit he wasn’t charged cuzz he paid her off. she got paid, hence she refuses to cooperate therefore no charges. its not to hard to figure out guy (or girl).
    brady and manning??
    they don’t put themselves in this predicatment of drinking and snorting blow with skanks’ at strip clubs so that analogy is out the window. nice try though, keep your head up girl.

    im thru owning you.

  11. Midget dick tock

    That was easy. Getting you to say he paid her off so as not to get charged. And that only shitbags put themselves in the “predicatment of drinking and snorting blow with skanks’ at strip clubs” You blithering nimrod.

    So he’s a POS like I said. So quit defending a guy who you say is guilty as hell.

    Just wish blowhards on the air would quit doing it too.


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