Rudely Dismissed By the Cold Hand of a Trained Assassin


Just as I feared. Sure fire future Hall of Famers don’t just start to suddenly, suck. All it took was for Rodgers and the Packers to play up-tempo, short-passing, and get a little dollop of a run game.

And just like that, a slim but hopeful 18-17 Redskins lead, disappeared into the FedEx night.

The Packers move on, and the Redskins start the off-season sorting out. Andy Pollin and I do the same here, accounting for what went wrong, and sizing up team needs moving ahead.


Also, we discuss Robert Griffin’s sad exit, a broken and humbled NFL supernova, his future uncertain. That plus, obscure “Z” Redskins in history (there aren’t many!) and a typical story of NFL league bullying over a rare copy of the first ever Super Bowl TV broadcast.

Sit back with your Jamocha shake and enjoy!




    • Its more a reference to her douchtastic personality, pretentious personae and GOOP lifestyle site as compared with RGIII clich├ęd t-shirts and sayings.

      I am not going to say that I disagree with your assessment of her acting, but I will say that Se7en had a feel good ending for some of us.


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