Remember when the NFL said that Sunday’s game at Ralph Wilson was still scheduled to take place at 1 p.m.? Remember when the Bills were sending out the Bat Signal for volunteers to get paid $10 an hour to shovel the seats (plus free game tickets!)?

Yeah. That was on Tuesday. Nice try, NFL. Nice try, Bills.

At least the field goal nets are up and ready to go!

Not only has this week’s game been pushed over to Detroit on a Monday night, but the NEXT home game for the Bills is in serious jeapardy. In fact, I’ll get on board early in saying there’s NO WAY they are ready for the November 30th game at home, either!

Officials say it takes 3 days to clear about 1 foot of snow from the stadium. They got at least 5 feet. You do the math.

Ice Planet Hoth: Also ruled out for next Sunday’s Bills game.

Add to that the complicating factor of the entire city needing as much heavy equipment on hand elsewhere to clear other vital infrastructure. The complicating factor of where would Bills fans PARK even if the stadium was clear? The complicating factor of expected rain that layers all that mess in a sheet of ice….


Sure, a well coordinated stadium clean out is a thing of beauty to watch in time lapse (see Minnesota do it below). But this storm was the storm to end ’em all.

Might as well grab a Snickers and stay in Detroit, Bills. You’re gonna be there a while.

Asshole: def. Individual who shows zero concern for other motorists.


  1. jeapardy – hooked on phonics doesn’t work in this case.

    I’m patiently waiting for you to write a post about the phenomenal Green Bay Packers. (It’s starting to smell like Super Bowl around here.)


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