Somebody, Help Me With My Soccer-Style Kicking!


I am hopelessly “meh-minus” when it comes to soccer style FG kicking. I have NO soccer background, I am 40 pounds overweight, and have marginal athletic ability.

Still… I would LOVE some tips from somebody who knows how to kick, to look at this 1 minute video reel, and help “point me in a better direction.” For whatever reason, I am far better as a LEFT footed kicker, than righty. So I’m just gonna go with it. If it works for Morten Anderson and Sebastian Janikoski, then it must be okay.

You can send tips to

And for the person who can really improve my kicking, you’ll get a t-shirt.

Size.. small.


  1. There are three parts working together here, think of it like a golf swing. First, your whole body and upper leg (quadracep) create a value of force toward the ball. The faster you run up and swing your upper leg, the greater this force is (step a couple inches closer to the endzone too). Part two is your lower leg. Like a pitcher’s wrist snap, it is a multiplier to the force Part one has created. Faster equals great multiplier. It will feel awkward, your video will help you get these two “in time”. Part three is an additional multipier of force, the foot should also be levering toward impact. Again, awkward. Get the first two in time, then add the foot.

    As for accuracy; go bowling. The accuracy isn’t so much in the setup, it is in the follow through. Find a point “out there” in front of you that you want your toe to end up pointing at. It should be your bible, swear by it and defend it against all comers. Like a metronome, every time.

    It looks like you are plenty strong enough. The timing of the elements, like a baseball or golf swing, or throwing a dart, is the result of careful practice. Tin cup it and put everything in your left pocket to avoid thinking.

    /end ridiculous hacker advice

  2. Your plant foot is too far behind. As a result, you are leaning back as you go through the kicking motion.

    Move your plant foot up to parallel, or even slightly ahead of the ball.

    You are coming from too far from the side, and end up off balance far to the left of the spot. A good kicker has a stable base. You are off balance, a feather can knock you over.

  3. *doh

    You’re very jerky on the snap through. You’re kicking at the ball, not through it. It’s very similar to golf (so I understand why you’re having trouble). You also place your plant foot very wide of the ball.

  4. Like one above said, plant foot further forward, also looks like you are really reaching for the ball. Plant foot also must be aligned with where you want the ball to go. First kick it was closed to the path of the ball so it was a pull, much like in golf. Can put some chalk on your shoe and then check the ball to see impact point. Should be 1/3 up the ball. Less reach with the kicking leg will give you more consistency.

  5. Czabe,

    I gave you similar advice a few years ago when you posted something just like this…
    1. Get yourself a proper kicking shoe. Those turf shoes you’ve got will almost cut it, but not quite. And none of this square toe funny business like you tried back then. Get yourself a pair of Adidas Copa Mundial kangaroo leather soccer shoes. That or a comparable HG (hard ground) soccer cleat. The smaller sole will stay out of the way of the contact area.
    2. When approaching the ball, you should extend the hand on the same hand as the plant foot; raise it up and forward with a straight elbow. Lean your body slightly back and away from the ball. This will help start the leverage chain reaction that will finish down in your toe. In yo;ur video, you are not raising your hand up or leaning away from the ball. You will gain power if you are able to do so.
    3. Open your hips at the same time as you raise your hand. That is, just before you plant your foot, your hips should point slightly toward the opposing sideline. Again, this sets up the chain reaction down the line.
    This should put you in the following position (just prior to planting the foot) :
    4. Begin the leg swing by turning your shoulders, then hips. Your toe should be pointed away from your knee.
    5. Swing through the ball with a strong quad retraction and keep your damn toe pointed. I notice that when you kick, you tend to flex your foot (or pull your toe up and in). Keeping your toe pointed will allow better aiming consistency and more power because you will contact the ball with the right part of your foot. This is the bone going from your big toe up to your ankle. The contact area will be about 1/2 to 2/3 the way up your foot (slightly closer to your ankle than your toe). as illustrated here:
    Another view of proper contact here – note the shoes:
    6. Follow through while continuing to point your toe.
    7. Raise your fist and celebrate as the ball splits the uprights and pops the net that you have not installed yet. Don’t jump around like you’ve never made a field goal, Grammatica.

    You’ll be routinely making 40 yarders in no time if you can do all of this, el Baldo.
    Good luck

  6. It looks like a golf ‘half swing’ to me. You’re not keeping that kicking foot back far enough to generate speed on impact. You’re probably too old to relearn enough muscle memory and to add flexibility to improve very much. I just see very little torque being generated. I’d experiment using your arms for balance while extending the plant foot more forward and the kicking foot drawn back more. It’s going to take trial and error, then many reps to retrain your mind.


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