Still Dangerous, Or A Sitting Duck? Aaron Rodgers Leads the Pack Into D.C.


There’s an old saying in gambling that goes: “If you’ve been sitting at a poker table for a few hands, and still can’t figure out who the patsy is…. then… it’s probably you!”

I think the Packers have come to this realization in the NFC side of this year’s Playoffs. They are, almost inconceivably, the one team everybody was hoping to face.

Well, it turns out that it’ll be my team who gets ’em. And I am already starting to think: “Be careful what you wish for…”

In this week’s “Sports Reporters Back From the Dead Podcast”, Andy Pollin and I discuss our relative confidence level going into this game, as well as how damn near impossible it was to actually watch the last playoff game between these two teams on television here in DC back in 1972.

In this week’s episode we discuss…

How a noted local attorney/heckler served a Supreme Court justice papers for an injunction on the blackout – at breakfast!

Whether this year’s season by Kirk Cousins is, in all regard, the finest ever by a Redskins QB.

What to make of the Dallas RGIII #10 jerseys spotted on the sidelines last week at JerryWorld.

How clueless and worthless is Albert Haynesworth, still, to this day?

How tough is the ticket to the game, and how many Packer fans should we expect to invade the place?

Why Czabe is calling this a “Hot-Tub Arctic Shock Whiplash” game for the Redskins.

Sit back and enjoy the 30 minutes of exclusive yak, while looking at the pretty pictures below!








  1. Hate to break it to you Packer fans, but Aaron Rodgers has been overrated his entire carrier. I think you are finally seeing him for the average QB that he really is.


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