Sunday Tee Time – Episode 2: Golfdom


This week me and the “Golf Nerds!” visit Golfdom in Tysons Corner, VA to talk to owner & president Buddy Christensen about 2017 equipment trends and more. We also play a “quick nine” – nine random golf-related questions designed to test the panel’s imagination and golf knowledge. Finally, we take a moment to get the lowdown on high tech club fitting in one of Golfdom’s trackman fitting studios.

All in all, if you like golf you will enjoy the show. Sunday Tee Time also airs on ESPN 980 on Sunday mornings from 9-10 a.m. We plan to take the show on the road all season this year, so if you would like us to come by your home course or favorite golf spot, just drop us a line!

Segment 1 – 2017 Equipment Trends

Segment 2 – The Quick Nine

Segment 3 – High Tech Fitting


  1. Every year when my game starts sucking I take my Dad’s 1947 Spaulding irons and K28 woods to the range and hit 200 balls. After that, hitting modern blades is simple.


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