Sundresses, Superstars, Kids and Aces


Nothing quite like a lovely lady in a spring sundress, no? Lindsay Vonn decided that the traditional caddy jumpsuit was just a bit too concealing, so she opted for the diluted lime green spaghetti strap dress.

I score it a birdie. Which was one more than ol’ Jack, who slayed an ACE yesterday: his first ever, believe it or not, in the annual Par-3 contest.

And since you are busy working and have no time to go find all the GOOD pictures of the Par-3 (including some “awwwww…” inducing pics of toddlers rumpusing about) I have pulled a few here.

If you have time to go through a lengthier gallery of snaps, then you have this one here and another one here. Knock yourselves out!

Jason Day of Australia walks with his wife Ellie and son Dash as he particapates in the par 3 event held ahead of the 2015 Masters at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta The Masters - Par 3 Contest Masters Golf The Masters - Par 3 Contest The Masters - Par 3 Contest


  1. Getting Teemu to carry the bag is perhaps the best thing I saw at the tournament. Besides the smoke shows that will take 1/2 your money in three years, Teemu is a great ambassador of the game and a class act.


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