Supplemental Czabe! It Is Indeed, Raining Men!


For a while now, many of you Bob and Brian listeners have been asking for a downloadable, binge-listenable, on-demand version of my segment with these chuckleheads. Well… here ya go!

And for all of you Czabe fans who have been going through withdrawals since my contract was not renewed by SB Nation… well, give this a try. I know it’s “not the same.” I know that many of you have said listening to my show on ESPN980 here in D.C. is WAY too much Redskins, Nats, Wiz, and Caps.

But these two guys are incredible radio tacticians, and they are the DOMINANT and CONTINUAL #1 morning show in Milwaukee. I was very lucky to get hooked up with them way, way, WAAAY back in 1994 when I worked for One On One Sports network in Northbrook Illinois.

So enjoy these shenanigans. And look here every weekend for the previous week’s shows.


  1. THANK YOU!…… This will fill my drive time void. Not that it makes a difference but I informed XM I’m not renewing my subscription due to your cancellation. Keep on keeping on…… long time listener Jan Kupps

  2. Czabe,
    Packer fan here in cheddar land…..I am all in on the fire McPausitive!!!!! Have been for a few years! But that is not nearly enough! Teddy T needs to be shown the way out of the pearly gates!! I have wanted him fired since Favre left. The way things are now we need to fire McPausitive, teddy T, them pseudo cheerleaders, the packer pope, and even that havoc wreaking squirrel! We will have 30+ yrs of top of the line QB and we have 2 SB to show for it?!?!? WTF! Fire em!

  3. Steve, as one of the people who called for this, thank you so very much for bringing it! Even when I was still getting my 6 hours per day of Czabe, your segments with Bob and Brian were still so fresh and different, and never felt repetitive compared with your other ventures. But now to have it every day on demand, is just fantastic.

    And congrats on the dog!


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