The 2018 “Gargantubracket” … Has Arrived!



It’s the most incredible, stupendous, audacious, amazing NCAA bracket ever invented!

And by “invented” I mean… well one day, I said a good NCAA bracket should have… well… EVERYTHING on it! Then we began to list what “everything” is… and all of a sudden, we had so much “everything” that I was certain, there was NO way it could all fit on ONE bracket!

Well, that was when an enterprising listener, and former UVA baseball player living in Richmond by the name of Brad Turner, said…. “… hold my beer.” Now, this sheet is the wonder of the sports world come March! You will never want for another nugget of info again while following your tournament picks!

Now… all you have to do little kid… is follow me into THIS NICE WHITE VAN FOR A PIECE OF CANDY… and you can have the bracket all for yourself.

Come on, it’s not too scary. I promise. Click here to get your GARGANTUBRACKET!


  1. I know it may be a bit aggressive, but now that times and announcers are announced, have you ever thought of having a second weekend updated Gargantubracket (with updated odds)?


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