The Hall of Fame Case For Joe Jacoby


I just wanted to make this document available for fans to see that every effort was made to get Joe into the Hall this year. It’s a shame that we had pay for an expensive, full color brochure to explain it to this gaggle of dummies – and it still didn’t work! Anyway, I thought Redskin fans would at least appreciate this since it wasn’t circulated publicly.






  1. The Hall of Fame make no sense. They hold grudges, are petty, and votes seem to favor the players that the media has a crush on. Like Peter King’s crush on “stab my teammate in the neck” Michael Irvin, or his love for Harry Carson. What is Harry Carson doing in the Hall? That is a weird one. Maybe for coming up with the Gatorade shower? Thank you for putting that piece together. I forgot how bad ass the Hogs were!

  2. The football HOF is not a credible organization. The fact the @JoeJacoby66HOG can’t get in is a joke and is proof of the incompetence of the organization. The whole system is a pitiful. Members should be ashamed to be a part of it.

  3. As a Cowboys fan watching them dominate as a group for so long how these guys aren’t in the HOF just doesn’t make sense. This line protected and blocked for multiple Super Bowl teams with different QBs and still continued to best the best line in football for years. Maybe Peter King is still pissed they kept smashing his beloved NY teams…

    • I don’t have much of an issue with this year’s class, though I think Dawkins and Urlacher could’ve waited another year… it’s just that it’s taken this long and Jacoby has only made it to the finals in the past couple seasons that is ridiculous.

      (and from last year’s, he definitely should have been in ahead of Terrell Davis and Jason Taylor…. and, even though I know it was from a different category, it’s a complete joke that Jerry Jones is in the Hall-of-Fame and Jacoby is not)

  4. Look how long it took to get Jerry Kramer in there. I’m so glad that they didn’t wait til after he or Bart Starr passed away.

  5. Here is Peter King’s ‘explanation’ for why he opposed Jerry Kramer’s candidacy for many years (until, apparently, this year)… and it just goes right to the core of what is wrong with a committee filled with people like King, who routinely come up with non-sensical justifications to block nominations for candidates who any real fan, as well as the opposing players, know is Hall-of-Famer (let’s not forget the 8 years of him stone-walling Art Monk with the, “what’s his signature catch”, “This isn’t the hall-of-very-good”… and “Teams feared Gary Clark more” [but, he isn’t pushing Clark’s candidacy either]

    …”As many readers know, I’d been against Kramer’s candidacy. Two reasons: He had his case heard 11 times previously—10 times as a modern-era finalist, and once as a Seniors Committee nominees. He’d failed to get the 80 percent vote required to gain entry, ever. And now, 21 years after his last attempt, here came the former Packers guard who’d made the most famous block in NFL history, the pile-clearing block that allowed Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr to score the winning sneak in the Ice Bowl 50 years ago, as a Seniors Committee nominee again. Basically, I didn’t like that today’s 48-member committee was being asked to clean up the mess left by the committees of yesteryear.”….

    That is King’s direct comment from his MMQB column about the Hall-of-Fame decision on Kramer… Yes… this committee was being asked to clean up the mess made by committees of past years…. but, most of the voters on THIS year’s committee were on those committees of past years that screwed things up.. they’re just scrambling to try and cover their asses now.

    • This is the problem with political plums, which is essentially what all these sports appointments are. You will automatically have only incompetent people in them. Case in point: Roger Goodell. The man knows absolutely nothing about football, yet is the commissioner of the National Football League. Because he knew someone. Or rather because his father knew someone, and had to get Little Roger a job somehow.

  6. You are giving these fucking ass clowns the benefit of the doubt that they can read. Wow what a compelling case , and he still didn’t get in. Keep turning up the heat Czabe.

  7. Jake was head-hog. For him not to be in the Hall is such a joke. Consistency, longevity and a high-level of play against Hall of Fame defensive players year in and year out. Does anyone really think that Lawrence Taylor, Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka, Kevin Greene and Bruce Smith, and countless others, would praise Jake and consider him Hall of Fame worthy if he didn’t deserve it? Of course not. Seriously WTF??? The Hall needs new voters and needs to get rid of d-bags like Mark Clayton, Pete King and Dr. Z.

  8. It makes you wonder, how did these people get on this committee? When you here a players name, you know. Art Monk, Hall of Fame. Yes. Yet sadly he’s not. Terrell Owens. Yes. Is he an idiot and a pain in the ass? Yes. But his accomplishments, say he’s a Hall of Fame. I know he got in, but it took too long. Don’t get me started on Peter King he’s an idiot as well. I stopped reading his stuff years ago.

  9. In my opinion Peter King and others on this ridiculous committee are not voting on Jake as a “political” statement against the Redskins name. There appears to be a core group choosing to punish the Redskins for not changing there name, and one way they are protesting against it is to not vote for Jacoby.


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