The Czabe Listener League Happened: It’s A Miracle!


I can’t tell you how many times I throw out a good idea to the fellas, and the first thing I am greeted with is negativity and snarkiness: “That will NEVER happen!”

Well, well. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and easy this thing went down. We ended up choosing 16 rounds of players by 12 teams in 1:22. Pret-tay, pret-tay good!

Scott Linn had to surrender some “Father of the Year” points for missing 1 of his kids billion soccer games. Solly had to actually GO somewhere on his day off. Roy had to make it up to Rockville in between shows at the DC Improv. Scott Daugherty drove all the way in from Evansville, Indiana. (Pssst. He was here anyway visiting friends and relatives).

The rest of the quasi-celebrity show “regulars” all posted in championship fashion. It was a BLAST shooting the bull with them in our radio station’s cubicle “bullpen.”

Imagine an R-rated version of TMZ’s newsroom. No, make that X-rated at times. And thankfully, the good reverend Pastor Jonathan just let it all slide while he drafted via Skype, quietly praying for our confession of sins and redemption of our souls!

If you would like to snoop our league, see who took who, and keep up with the games, well…. you have ZERO life! But a few have actually asked. So here’s the link, go ahead and knock yourself out! (P.S. My team name is NSFW, although it is awesome! Be advised).




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