The Lego-ized Re-creation of Tiger Woods’ Chip-In At Augusta


Yup, it’s as stupidly awesome as you think it is. Sadly, Tiger’s back right now is about as flexible as a stack of lego bricks.

In your life have you seen anything like that? #TigerWoods #VerneLundquist #PGA

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  1. Consider your rundown this afternoon of all the changes the Caps have made in the last 8 years. GM, Coach, attack, defend, Varly, Jose, Neuvy, Green, Semin, Oshie, Oxy, etc. Who is the one constant? This is Ovie’s team and the failures are a reflection on 8. And don’t fall back on “he outscored 87 and 71.” 2 goals in the biggest series of his life after 50 in the regular season is a complete failure. You’re telling me the Caps couldn’t get anything in that trade? To pick just one team, ANA is in a similar boat and has to compete in the LA market. How about Getzlaf and Vatanen for 8? How about Subban and/or Galch and/or Gallagher from MON, another desperate team in a brutal market? We know who 8 is and we know who he is not. Time to get everything you can for him.

  2. I’d like to see a Lego recreation of Thanksgiving 2009. A Lego Elin Nordegren chasing Tiger’s Lego SUV down the Lego driveway, with a Lego golf club, and then beating his Lego ass.


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