The NBA Reminds Us, It Is Not A Serious League


Oh, sure it’s entertaining as hell. The players are alpha-athletes that do incredible things. It sells well, it shows well, it’s a nice product. But when the NBA decided to somehow figure out a way to NOT suspend Draymond Green for at least 1 game, the NBA showed it’s true colors.

Adam Silver, just like David Stern. The product comes first. Consistency, fairness, and sportsmanship are riding in the far back seat. And most of the time, told to shut up.

Now at least the NBA isn’t as corrupt or bareknuckled as the NFL. They actually value the stars that make the dollars rain from the skies, unlike the NFL which makes no effort to hide it’s contempt. But still, a serious league suspends Green and doesnt’ think twice. A serious league says: “This is not a basketball play. It had the potential to seriously injure. We’re not stupid. Sit down.”

And if it costs the Golden Child Golden State Warriors a championship ring on top of this magical season, then so be it. Green will have to live with it.

I urge you to watch or listen to the following 3 1/2 minute interlude of ESPN’s un-rivalled NBA broadcast A-team in Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson. They are unflinching in their shock and disappointment in how the league has decided to chicken out. And they do so seamlessly, while the Raptors-Cavs game unfolds in front of them, all without compromising the viewer of the action itself.

It’s brilliant.

Rasheed Wallace made popular – although did not technically “invent” I’ve been told – the phrase “ball don’t lie.” It’s when a bad call is made to give a player an un-deserved free-throw, the ensuing free throw is usually missed. Hence, “ball don’t lie.” Or, you get what you deserve.

Something tells me the Thunder roll through Golden State anyway, maybe in 5 games. We’ll see here, if indeed, “ball don’t lie.”


  1. Andy Griffith in the 414.
    Completely agree with your article. Reffing in Game 4 has been a joke at times. But truthfully I’m watching to see the Golden Toes lose. I’m not watching the series if Warriors are winning.


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