“The Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen…”


That was the description one of Scott Van Pelt’s producers gave to this particular “Bad Beat” in a pre-Thanksgiving NBA game. I cannot disagree. The thing about being a gambler, is to brag about your “bad beats” – like my $1000 Nik Stauskas screw job!

But this one… hoo boy. This one is an all-timer! It really makes you wonder if point shaving shenanigans are STILL going on by players in the NBA, and/or the refs. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense. Patrick Beverley makes $6 million a year. Tim Donaghy has been flushed out of officiating, and been through prison.

How can this happen!?? Why doesn’t Beverly just stand there? Why does the ref ignore, ignore, ignore…. and then BAM! Okay… foul.

But then again, WHY ARE YOU BETTING ROCKETS v. RAPTORS and the total!!! Because you are a degenerate. And you deserve this fate.

Kudos, SVP. This segment is an ongoing sports television MASTERPIECE! Never, ever, ever stop finding these!


  1. Is this worse than me spending 3 hours watching Jerry Glanville ball and having the zebras miss a blatant headshot on a conversion?

  2. I’ve been on the winning end of one of these. A bucks game about 14 years ago. (Don’t judge, it was vegas, I was 25, and drunk by noon) but to this day I feel dirty when I think about cashing that ticket.


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