How Tiger’s Current Predicament Reminds Me of An 80’s Arcade Classic


I’m not saying Tiger Woods is “done”… but his career reminds me of my favorite video game from the 80’s.

Atari’s Defender was considered to be the pound-per-quarter undisputed champ of H-A-R-D, with one of the fasted “time-per-play” rate in the industry.

It didn’t stop us punk kids from feeding it quarters, though, in a futile effort to conquer it. I remember we would marvel at the kid who was able to penetrate Level 4 and above, with lightning quick reflexes and nerves of steel.

The problem was that once you lost that last humanoid to the “mutants”, the entire landscape blew up and you were… to put it politely… fucked. It was almost like the machine was your mom at that point, calling you to come home… NOW!

tiger_leftTiger Woods has just about lost his last man in golf, and he’s swamped by all kinds of enemies.

1. Injury
2. Pressure
3. Embarrassment
4. Too many teachers
5. The Yips
6. Two-way-miss with his driver
7. Age
8. Stubbornness

So like Defender, I have hard time seeing his quarter last much longer unless there’s a miracle or two. Then again, I did witness one kid at the People’s Drug in downtown McLean, VA (aka: “The Mean Streets!) last nearly an entire “landscape-less level” on Defender where we would gather after school with our bikes ditched outside by the curb.

That kid was a legend. Good luck, Tiger.

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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at


  1. Czabe, Defender was not an Atari game, at least not the arcade version. It was created by Williams Electronics and released in 1981.

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