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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    Hey go easy on the Browns! My birth team your trashing here damn it!
    The plan, I think, is to continue to suck, collect high draft picks and a lot of them.
    Get rid of high priced veterans, get young. draft enough good players and develope them. Odds of drafting a few NFL studs get better if you have more picks.Keep the same coach for more than 2 years. Hope you find QB in the process that is a legitimate NFL starting quarterback.

    Sounds like a long, lame plan. But, by far the best plan since 1999.

    Go Browns 5-11!

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    Tick Tock


    1. 2.1

      Jim O'C

      Caught that too. Czabe, come on! That’s the Linda Kohn thing all over again.

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    The NFL can do whatever it wants. The fans will continue to watch no matter who is suited up. The players had their chance during the last CBA to get tough and strike. Instead, they folded like lawn chairs. They compare themselves to “working unions” but don’t have the balls to miss paychecks and put it back on the employer. I wanted them to strike last time and show some guts. It’s pathetic listening to them and DeMaurice whine about a contract that he negotiated and they agreed to. This is going to happen again next time around too.

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      Titanic sucks. (Love the show. Thanks)

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      Dave Gollnick

      Wrong. I for one, am done with football, and I was a Packer fan. Why? The Megaton “TD” no catch against the Bears! It was caught in the endzone! He put it down. WTF!? The Dez Bryant no catch in the playoffs against the Packers! I didnt see the ball touch the ground. Latroy Guion getting a second chance in Green Bay after his first marijuana bust! Berfict! Why doesn’t some coach have his third string O lineman take this asshole out at the knees? Greg Hardy! Thursday Night Football!! REALLY, is this necessary? Color Rush, Yuck. Too many DRAFT NIGHTS. What was wrong with the draft being on Saturday and Sunday? 3:30pm Central start times, this is because of too many replays, and games taking 3 plus hours. Teams moving to new cities just because. The overtime rules suck too. I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to watch any more. I know others who are sick and tired of it, and say they’re close to being done also. I know I alone won’t make a difference, like one drop doesn’t make a flood, but if the NFL doesn’t change soon, there will be more drops and it will be a flood.

      1. 3.2.1

        Dave Gollnick

        Goodell is an idiot who was given a shiny muscle car that ran smoothly, but thought it should be a monster truck that crushed everything, and he ruined it.

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    Dave Gollnick

    I am done with the NFL. Here’s why. The Megatron no TD catch against the Bears. He had it, and put it down. Should have been a TD. It wasnt? The Dez Bryant no catch against my Packers in the playoffs. It went our way, but I never saw the ball hit the ground. Thursday Night Draft night! What was wrong with the draft being on Saturday and Sunday? It was easier to make a big deal of the first round, because most people don’t work weekends, and could make a party out of it. THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!, and Color Rush, yuck. Neither one is necessary. Greg Hardy! Latroy Guiyon! BERFICT! Why can’t some head coach send in a third string O lineman to take out this assholes knees? I’m tired of cheering for people who should be behind bars. Games that last three and a half hours long. The stupid overtime rules. I know others who feel this way also. Ratings will start to drop again. Give it time. Goodell is an idiot who was given a shiny muscle car that ran smoothly, but thought it should be a monster truck that crushed everything, and he ruined it.

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    Well, I hope as a Redskins fan the ‘Boys get it handed to them again in this obvious case of a compromised investigation. Maybe at some point the Giants will pay for the advantages they’ve had. I immediately thought of the injustice meted out by the Mara family and Goodell in the salary cap penalty the Redskins [and Cowboys] dealt with after the “uncapped” year. I’m sure Bruce would have screwed it up had that not happened, but still….

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    Peter Pellegrini

    Wish you could find your way back to Satellite radio in the mornings!

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    You obviously don’t have a complete grasp of the, uh, plan in Cleveland. But I have figured it out. The idea is obviously to gradually return to two way football. That way you don’t need so many players, and think of all the money you can save up to spend on stand removals. relocations and new uniforms. Yes, it is an exciting time to be a Browns fan!


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