The Twin Musical Anthems of March Madness: Fully Explained


Although I’ve previously read a lot about David Barrett’s wonderful song “One Shining Moment”, I have not read until now about the REAL origins of the so-called “Come On and Watch Some Basketball…” theme song.

Now, you know the real story.

God bless Bob Christianson who knocked out the “da-da-da-DAT-da-DAA-da-daaa!” for CBS Sports many years ago. It remains a fantastic TV sports “anthem” that I hope endures for many more years.

And even though this story on Barrett’s “One Shining Moment” is a full 3 years old, it fills in many great details of his musical journey, and how the song came to rest where it does today: as the sugary coda to a month of basketball madness.

And to think… it MIGHT have been the official closing montage of the Super Bowl, if not for the 1987 game running too long.

Read them both, and you’ll have an appreciation for the rare art of composing sports related music.


  1. IMHO “One Shining Moment” is too sappy.
    The CBS “da-da-da-DAT-da-DAA-da-daaa” is just classic, with a little montage of TV trucks and production crew setting up.
    Another classic is the early 90’s ESPN “daa-da-DAT…daa-da-DAT”. And the late 70’s Monday Night Football “dunt-dunt-dunt-DUHHH”.


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