The Two Best Pictures of Week 8 in the NFL


This first is Jets DB Saalim Hakim, saving a TD by catching Sammy Watkins of the Bills in a pre-mature celebration. In my mind, too much was made of what a dope Watkins was, and NOT ENOUGH was made of Mr. Hakeem.

Busting your ass to make a play when all appears lost, is the absolute nuclear core of what you want in your players. And Hakim has it! I mean LOOK at that still photo! Awesome! He should be allowed to punch both Geno Smith and Michael Vick in the jejunum as hard as he wants those guys not showing 1/10th the amount of hustle and focus as he did on one play.

Then of course, there’s Jay Cutler. Unliked by most of his own fan base, he’s growing more and more hatable inside the locker-room. There’s the awesome “Smokin’ Jay Cutler” website full of photoshops..but HEY WHOA!!!!??

Look at that photo!

This is the look of a dude who would ask you for a bag of your urine standing outside a 7-11, and when you asked him why he’d say: “Here’s 5 bucks. Don’t worry about it…”


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  1. Hakeem made one of the greatest hustle plays since Don Beebe chased down Leon Lett and prevented a TD in a game the Bill were losing 52-17.


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