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    Wilson Navarone

    This is Barack Obama’s presidency in a nutshell. Before he actually breaks the plane of the goal line, he loses the senate. Scott Walker, Joni Ernst, and the rest of the GOP all-stars run it back the other way.

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    Mike h

    It bizarre that this keeps happening recently. I never saw this before D Jackson did it against Dallas and I couldn’t believe that wasn’t his first time. Also, it doesn’t seem that there are any consequences either. Clay was out for the ensuing kickoff. Imagine a baseball player worrying about celebrating over touching home plate after a home run. Wouldn’t happen because he’d probably get beaned next time up even though it helped the other team.

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    Both Clay and DeSean Jackson went to Long Beach Poly High School. Maybe they need to teach the basics a little better.

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    Flailing Fish

    My favorite part of the picture is the fan above the ref pleading with Clay to stop celebrating and pick up the ball. Such a great photo!


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