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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    We always live in the past…it is easier to go back and wax poetic about the glory days than it is to get excited about the present…tiger mania was fun while it lasted…those in the media who long for tiger to be good again still read box scores in the morning paper…golf is just golf right now and that is just fine with me

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    Thanks Capt. Obvious.

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    I was one of the biggest fans of TW. I am still very much a fan of the great Lefty, and one of my all time favorites was my main man Vijay. What do they all have in common: Championship tour greatness on the horizon. But, the best way for TW to “go away” is to stop writing about him and covering him, unless he makes himself relevant again, which I think we can all be highly skeptical of.

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    tick tock..

    When does the NFL start up for real now??

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    Lerner is severely under-rated? Gee-zus Czabe, you’ll say anything when you want your theory validated. He is a fawning, kiss-ass that wants to be some sort of golf poet, by spouting all sorts of breathy, Nantz-like puke. He is beyond annoying like some geeky kid who has to tell you every little semi-related historical reference that pops into his head, as if he is impressing you with his infinite wisdom when in reality all he is doing is regurgitating trivia. Sorry Czabe, but you lose serious golf cred with statements like that one.

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    Wow Czabe. It’s almost like it never happened, the greatness. I know I wasn’t dreaming. I never really liked the guy because he was such an ass!! But I was never a Tiger hater, I just understood I was watching golf greatness and tried to appreciate it. It’s so sad to watch him now almost not able to even hit a damn ball straight. I almost feel a little sorry for him(calm down, I said a little) but I feel more sorry for my son and young golf fans like him. He is 12 and a golf nut and it sucks to have to explain to him that this guy was once unbeatable. He looks at me and says, really? Fortunately he has his favorites, Rickie, Jordan and Dustin. And lucky for him they seem to be pretty descent fellows. I’m 44 so my guys growing up were Freddy, Davis, Nick, also pretty descent fellows. I’m from Greensboro and still live close and everybody is freakin because Tiger is coming. My son and I have been to the tourney several times and I was thinking about going again but not now. The parking will suck and the crowds will be crazy full of people just out to see Tiger. Who wants to see this version of Tiger? Sedgefield is a great course but the viewing areas are small so they will be packed. I’m glad for the city because it will bring in more money but that’s about all.

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      Joe Zamoiski

      Czabe – I agree 99% of what you say and u r my favorite sports writer hands down. I disagree with you though and think Tiger “will” win again. Golf is a fickle game and can go away and come back anytime. He will find the spark again and win golf tournaments. He wont catch Jack but he will be relevant again. His desire is too strong and his talent will shine again………. Look at the first 2 rounds this week. if he does win, you will regret writing this article

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    It’s still appropriate for Tiger to wear the red-shirt because much like an anonymous crewman in “Star Trek”, he’ll be killed off in the first half of the tournament (movie).

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    Dave Brown

    What amazes me about the whole Tiger, will he do it again debate, is that i don’t here anybody mention the main reasons for his early demise. 1. He has gone from probably the greatest “feel player” since Seve. I.E. best touch, hands, short game, escape artist, etc. To becoming Nick Faldo 2. He is the most mechanical player out there. Spin rates, positions, launch angles, etc. 2. His body breaking down. He surely was on HGH or roids or something. He went from being a twig, to the biggest guy in golf, back down to average size guy. He and A-Rod both were flying in Dr. Galea from Toronto for treatment before the good Dr. got busted. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=6743448 3. His Ego. He has cut loose everybody that has been able to help his game. Caddies, coaches, etc. He can’t allow them to get any credit for his success. Now he has a swing consultant, and he is his own coach. He has no one else to blame but himself.

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    Steve Lampiris

    I half agree with you. The Tiger Era is over, for sure – that part isn’t debatable.

    I disagree, however, when you say Tiger won’t win again. He won’t win another major, but I think he’ll put together four rounds of great golf for a lesser event sometime before he retires. He came close last week – really close.

    Assuming his delusional view of his game is lifted, or his spirit finally breaks, he’ll realize firing Butch was the biggest mistake he ever made, and maybe – just maybe – he’ll get back on track for a win of some kind.

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    hmmm…somebody was slightly wrong…its ok your just a sports radio guy…


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