Is This Year’s Redskins Season a “Success” Already?


I mean, nobody even wants to entertain the thought of choke-job in the final two weeks. This Eagles opponent is severely flawed in so many ways, and Philly fans will be the first ones to tick off the list of items. Bradford is erratic, the running game sporadic, and the receivers scare nobody. Chip’s style could be wearing thin on players, or wearing out as an effective “tempo strategy” and don’t even start in on the porous secondary.

But… professional football is a funny beast, and crisp, dominant Redskins team we saw the last few weeks, could turn into a rotten pumpkin on any given Sunday.

So if that happens, can you still call this year a “success.” I think as a FAN you can, and I explain why in this week’s “Sports Reporters Back from the Dead Podcast” with Andy Pollin.

And if you take a listen you’ll also hear us discuss….

a. What seemingly small request by Camp Kirk could be a big snag in any new contract this off-season?
b. Is Dan Snyder “turning the corner” as an owner?
c. Our tribute to former radio colleague Jerry Coleman, who once was nearly choked out “in fun” by Brian Mitchell.
d. This smokin’ hot hockey team we have in town (with some behind the curtain beefs with Ted Leonsis).
e. Obscure Redskins: R-S

Oh… and there’s even more profanity in this one than before, so perhaps it’s best not to play it through the car stereo on the way home from church. Or daycare. Or, loudly at your cubicle. Sorry. Enjoy!


  1. … but it’s just fine to offend the Fighting Irish. Is Notre Dame racist too?
    Maybe these hypocrites will stop watching the NFL all together as a sign of protest. Oh, wait… It’s not that offensive.


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