Here’s One Way to Prove You Were At Super Bowl 50


Once upon a time, you had to come back with some fancy souvenirs to prove to your co-workers you were at the “big game.”

Now, we have this. GIGAPIXEL!

It’s a mindlessly fun way to kill a few minutes, zooming and searching for peoples faces. I know I enjoyed sideline peeping to notice things like professional weasel/broadcaster Jim Gray taking a photo as Gaga finished the anthem. The clarity is completely nuts.

You just better make sure that if you are gifted SuperBowl tickets, you don’t pull a Whatley and re-gift them to Newman. Busted!

Soon this technology will be even better, and scarier. You could put a few of these in a mall, timelapse render pictures every 2 seconds, run some facial recognition software against a DMV drivers license database… and well… say hello to “Minority Report.” Will it be a great tool for law enforcement? Oh, hell yeah.

But will it become a dystopian nightmare? Probably. For now, enjoy it’s innocence. Because I doubt it will last.


    • Yeah, of course they deleted the tag. I did grab a picture of it though from the first day it was up.

      The problems when you allow the public to tag (graffiti) an online anything. I am surprised there weren’t more profanities, slurs, and general buffoonery on that picture.

  1. Your “Minority report” joke is like the oft used “Send ads out for ‘Free cockfight for Raiders fans!'” and arrest the incoming felons/ child support scofflaws. hee hee


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