Man Mows, Drone Watches

This is art. It will soothe you. I figured if there’s an entire category of “Powerwashing Videos” on YouTube, then by gum, why not start a “mowing videos” category. Oh wait, there is one? Well, do they film their mowing… BY DRONE!? This is the infamous “Yohoonye Field” in summer. Stressed by heat. Greener than normal due to all the rain, but with pesky tufts of relentless “nutsedge” as you can see. It’ll be nice by football season, I promise. In the meantime, I mow. Enjoy.


  1. I sit and watch this whole thing, waiting for the sweet, sweet pay-off of tearing through the thickest portion of nutsedge, only to be robbed by the end of the video. What a donkey.

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