No Dunks Needed: Loyola Might Just Ramble All The Way To The Title

Basketball remains a beautiful t-e-a-m game, despite the increasing tendency to rely on a few superstars to carry a squad. Nobody shares it quite like Loyola-Chicago, which is why they’ll be fun to root for this weekend at the Final Four.

1 Loyola-Chicago: Darling of the Final Four
2 Leonard Hamilton: King of Quit
3 Lamar Jackson Has Mom As Agent
4 LeVeon Bell Is Unhappy. No Kidding…
5 New Tiger Woods Book Sez MJ Was Trouble
6 Here’s How Desperate Lindsay Lohan Is For $$$
7 Solve This Mystery: Man Who Owes 500K in Child Support… 
8 John Sterling Has A New Giancarlo Stanton HR Call
9 A Craft Beer Will Cost $16 at Nats Park
10 Fuck That Guy!

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