Sorry Sister, The Crying Jordan Meme Is Undefeated!

It’s not Sister Jean’s fault that the modern sports media runs like a herd of spooked cattle toward the easiest, laziest, and click-baity-ist of stories. Still, I wish she had seen it coming, and maybe stepped aside for the players once the Final Four had arrived.

CzabeCast Monday 04-02-18 Rundown
1 Sister Jean Sucks Up All the Oxygen
2 Laura Ingrahm vs. David Hogg: To The Death!
3 Gabe Kapler’s Innovative Managing (eye roll)
4 Drive/Chip/Putt at Augusta
5 Kevin Durant Is Still Searching
6 Who Is Ready For 8K TV. You Heard Me, 8!
7 Get Up! (Pssst: Looks A Lot Like… Well, ESPN)
8 Arike Ogunbowale With Daggers
9 Mailbag
10 Random Dates/Anniversaries: Enough!

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